How do I stop my cousin in law doing the daftest thing I've ever heard anyone do in DAD?

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My cousin in law, I can't remember if I've mentioned a cousin in law before but I do know that if I have it wasn't this 1 and I know that because she's my only female cousin in law that, as far as I know but I could be wrong, is A GM. So how do I stop my cousin in law doing the daftest thing I've ever heard anyone do in DAD?

Basically my cousin's idea is that 28 months before the campaign started a new continent was discovered that has 5 countries on it, her group will have 5 Pcs that are made up of 2 Male Fighters, 1 Magic Magic User, 1 Female Sneaker and 1 Female Cleric

In case your wondering A Sneaker is unique to the setting and its basically A Thief that's of either Noble Birth or Royal Birth and other then the fact that A Sneaker must be of either Noble Birth or Royal Birth he or she use's the rules for Thieves

All 5 of them are Royalty, with 1 of them being from each of their home continents 5 countries, on their fathers side all 5 of them are 4th in line to their countries throne and on their mothers side all 5 of them are the heir or heirless to The Title of Senior Baron or Baroness that comes with rulership of A Very Large Barony and they became adventurers out of boredom. I told you that this was the dumbest idea I've ever heard

To be honest my cousin in law, sorry about initially makling a mistake and putting friend, thinks that no one would go after them because he believes that anyone that would go after them would never target their Fake I:D because their enemies would assume that The 5 of them would never be that stupid and would automatically overlook any similarities between The 5 Royals and The 5 Pcs, unluckily for The Pcs enemies The Pcs were counting on their enemies making that assumption

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    What if they played the Campaign as "slapstick"?  Then these kind of assumptions and misunderstandings would fit right in.

    On the other hand, if they wanted to play it serious, this could still work if there wasn't much communication across the lands.  If the PCs are doing smaller things for most of their lower levels, then they may not be famous enough for anyone in the towns they are helping to say anything about them to people outside of the towns.  And then only once they gain enough levels do they become famous enough that their enemies start hearing about their exploits and making the connection to who they really are.

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    You've essentially described Birthright:

    Regardless, honestly I don't agree that the idea is daft. Before the advent of television the only way to even know what one of the royals looked like was essentially from low res newspaper pictures and from magazine pictures unless you saw them in person up close. If magazines don't exist the resemblence of the characters to the royalty would go mostly unnoticed except for a few people who may think it's odd but aren't likely to make the connection, and the very few who would make the connection and thus would make for some interesting encounters. That is of course provided that they aren't mutated from the norm for their race in some extremely noticable way, such as abherrent hair colors/eye colors or by somethink like extra fingers, horns, a third eye, etc.

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