How much would their rulers falling in love improve relations improve between the 2 countries?

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I've had a idea on how to better a idea I had a while back

But 1st here's a recap on the basic idea, with a few improvements

For a laugh I've decided that 1,000 years after Aleita's time 1 guy does what Erin did twice in less then 8 years. How would he feel?. Here's a lot more info

Basically its set of in the same world but 1,000 years later, theirs 2 neighboring countries, 1 of them's the 1 Aleita and Erin lived in during their time and the others a neighbor

Both countries suffered the loss of their entire Royal Families, they think, but 1 3 month old child, but in this variant their not both girls, was left from each Royal Family

As both countries chancellors are good friends they put the 2 3 month old girls in the same lower-middle orphanage in a 3rd country that distrusts both of their countries. that actually turned out to be a good idea. See below for why

I've decided that the reason the 2 chancellors are good friends is because they were both at the same magic school in a 4th country that's neutral but friendly towards both but the 2 countries hate, loathe and despise  each other, have done for over 59 decades and the sole reason their hasn't been a war in, at the time the story starts, roughly 15.8 years is the efforts of the 2 chancellors

I've changed it so that's its A Prince called Damain, named after Hermione's son in A Harry Potter Fan Story set in a alternate universe were Voldemort took over the world and he and his mother are slaves, but at least their lucky(?) enough to be bought by Draco Malfroy, who in this story has changed so much that as long as their obedient and loyal their guaranteed to be treated better then almost all other slaves

The others A Princess called Ophelia, named after Hermione's daughter in A Harry Potter Fan Story set in a different alternate universe in which a accident strands her, her brother Alexander, Draco's Son Scorpios, Zabini's Blaze's Son Cassius and Harries Son James

Age wise all 5 time travelers are 13 years old and they were born less then 3 years after Hermione finished her last year, and given the way the weather is described in some chapters I'd guess its takes place very early on in A Very Warm Spring in the year 1,998 so they came back from very early Spring of either 2,012, 2,013 or 2,014

So the 3 month old Prince Damain and The 3 month old Princess were put in A Lower-Middle Class Orphanage in a 3rd country that's neutral but distrust these 2 countries, that actually turned out to be a good idea. See below for why

The idea being that neither girls enemies would ever look for them their because they'd figure the 2 countries chancellors would never be daft enough to put 2 3 month old girls their so they'd never look their,

I'd like it so that during the almost 18 years those 2 have been in the orphanage they fall in love, within 5 weeks of learning their rightfully sovereigns the 2 get married and their union ends 593 years of animosity, hatred, blood, violence, death and carnage between the 2 countries. So how much would their new rulers falling in love improve relations improve between the 2 countries?

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