How much trouble will the Snatchers be in for Snatching A Crown Prince whose mums A Escaped Slave?

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I've had A Idea for A Unique DAD Character but I've got a question

In the idea king has A heir whose 4 year old Boy, but no one, not even The King, knew that his Dead mothers A Escaped Slave who is still wanted and because she feared her lover would leave her, even though he wouldn't, now she's dead and its too later to get her freed

The thing is The 4 year old Crown Prince wants to see his mothers homeland and his father has let him go their on holiday, unofficially, in disguise and with only a very small number of very powerful guards

But the bad guys will succeed by speed, surprise, numbers and the fact that once they have the 4 year old his guards wll break off, fall back and follow at a very safe distance, after all that's what's best for the 4 year old prince

The thing is all males members of his mothers side of the family bare a distinctive birthmark, and even if his mum was alive no one would recognize her, but his distinctive birthmark proves he's her son, she, her father and grandfather were only children and because of how little times passed since she escaped, 17 years, he can't be her grandson

This is going to be big trouble for The 4 year old Crown Prince because his mothers listed as A Wanted Escaped Slave, she was never freed, her husband/the king would have arranged it, he would never return her but she didn't know that and wouldn't take the risk he'd return her

So technically, and in his mothers homeland legally, because he has A Birthmark that proves that his mother is someone that is, because they don't know she's dead, listed as A Wanted Escaped Slave he is classed as A Escaped Slave and no one knows, yet, that despite his mother being listed as A Wanted Escaped Slave that his fathers A King

The old sayings I wouldn't be in your shoes for all the tea in china, but here I think a better saying would be I wouldn't be in your shoes for all the tea on Earth

So much trouble will the Slave Snatchers be for Snatching A Crown Prince simply because his mums A Wanted Escaped Slave?, sorry full topic title wouldn't fit in the bit you've got to put the title topic in

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