Why become A adventurer despite inheriting 29 titles and 28 domains?, I mean some kings fear him

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A mate of mind has used the tables the mates I've mentioned before to generate A Character for 2nd DAD Character

40 rolls later, 6 of then were higher then A 83 but less then A 98, 26 of the other 34 were higher then A 40 but lower then A 83 and none of the other 8 were lower then a 30

This means that my character the heir of A Noble Family that has stood for 14,499 years, his homeland is only 14,822 years old and over those 14,499 years his family has arranged over 4 thousand of marriages of convenience, 96% of  which simply added to their considerable fortunes

This means that he will inherit 28 Baronies and 29 titles. But what I don't get is why become A Adventurer,  I mean he's A Magic User which usually requires either vast wealth or taking on vast debts so i get that he'd want to show off his wealth, but becoming A Adventuring Magic User, some people would call that legal suicide

So why risk it?, I mean I admit he's only A 1st level Magic User, but he's already got 29 Titles and 28 Domains, if needed and he has time can call upon close to 8,800 professional warriors, not all of them Fighters or Soldiers, that will fight for him, he's got A Private Fleet that's over 200 Ships Strong that if needed can give him close to another 40,600 people that can fight and if he wanted to he could call in enough favors to get almost another 4,600 people that can fight

That means that before they've even done the 1st adventure if he's got enough time and warning he could potentially call upon close to 54,000 assorted Fighters, Soldiers and other people that can fight, and that's not including things like mercenaries, freelancers, soldiers of fortune and criminals that hope they'll get a pardon that he could potentially ally to his cause. Now do you see why several kings are scared of him

Info on those titles

19 of them are gargantuan sized Baronies that came with both The Title of Very Senior Baron and comes with A Subordinate Very Senior Baron

The other 9 are very large Baronies that came with both The Title of Very Senior Baron and comes with A Subordinate Very Senior Baron

He also bags the title of very minor Count

The marriages that were to gain things of use have also resulted in him inheriting the following

He also inherits 31 weapons, 18 bits of armor, 15 shields, 191 dose’s of assorted herbs, 726 dose’s of assorted poisons, 904 assorted bits of equipment, 34,932 days worth of assorted food, 35,905 pints of assorted alcohol drinks and pints of assorted none alcohol drinks

He also has 77 doses of every herbs, plants and flowers used in every Druidic Spell of 3rd level and lower, that’s a total of 77x32 or 2,464 dose’s of assorted herbs, plants and flowers

He also had massive storage bins that all hold 264 cartons that all hold 240 cigarettes smuggled in from abroad

He also has 346 regular animals and 76 monstrous animals that his parents captured as infants, raised and tamed

All of these monstrous animals protect him because they like him, trust him and respect him and they don’t even need A Charm Monster Spell

Magical belongings wise he gets 108 Magic Missiles, 8 Magic Ranged Weapons, 25 Magic Weapons, 16 suits of Magic Armour, 6 Magic Shields, 5 pairs of Magic Bracers, 93 magic items, 137 dose’s of magic potion, 4 Intelligent Weapons, 23 Cursed Items, 5 Minor Artefacts and 1 Magic Artefact

Spell wise he gets 270 Books and 162 Scrolls that hold all 1st level, all 2nd level, all 3rd level, all 4th level, all 5th level, all 6th level, all but 2 7th level, 10 8th level and 5 9th level Magic User Spells and all 1st level, all 2nd level, all 3rd level, all but 1 4th level, 5 5th level, 3 6th level and 1 7th level Illusionist Spells

He also gets 2 sets of unique Books, Tomes, Spellscrolls and Grimories. Here's more info

Info on the 1st set

1 set of 8 very large Scrolls, 3 small Scrolls, 2 tiny Books, 2 Very Large Books and 1 Massive Book

These don’t contain The Spells Cacodeamon and Spiritwrack


But it does contain all you need to know to try to use both of those Spells on the following unholy things

The 1’s that The Player don’t know the names of but my character does know the names of


6 Type 1 Deamons, 4 Rutterkins, 4 Vrocks, 2 Deamonic Shade, 2 Deamonic Clerics, 1 Succubus, 1 Type 2 Deamon, 1 Nassu and 1 Deamonic Version of A Spectre


4 Hydrodeamons, 2 Type 3 Deamons, 1 Type 4 Deamon, 1 Shadow Deamon, 1 Bone Devil, 1 lesser Rakhasa, 1 unique Succubus and 1 greater Rakhasa

Info on the 1st set

He’s also got A Series of Books, Scrolls, Tomes and Grimories on how to become A White Dragonlord and if he does then he gains the following benefits

Once per day he can transform into A 6HD/38Hp Adult White Dragon with Standard Stats, once per day he can summon Ally whose A 6HD/38Hp Adult White Dragon with Standard Stats and he can use A White Dragons Breathe Weapon 3 times per day and can do this in either form

He becomes immune to all Cold and Ice based damage, gains +3 to saving throws VS The Breathe Weapon of Dragons that aren’t White and gains +1 to all other saving throws

In edition to The Spell Casting Abilities he gets for being A Magic User he gains 2 1st level, 1 2nd level and 1 3rd level Spells, but unlike his normal Spell Casting Abilities he decides these when he becomes A White Dragonlord and he can never change them and once per day he can cast Charm Monster on A Dragon


Annoyingly you can’t try to become A Dragonlord before 6th level, you can only attempt to become A Dragonlord twice every level, the chance at 6th level is 52%, every level over 6th the chance goes up by 12%, which means that you aren’t guaranteed to succeed until you reach 10th level

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    Overprotective parents that kept him locked up for fear of him being kidnapped and ransomed.  So now he's rebelling or exploring what he was never allowed to do as a kid.

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