What should I have done to stop A TPK that would have been my fault?, I was A 1st time GM

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I've been looking over notes on The 1st RPG I ever GM'd, it was in 1,997 and basically I made a mistake that early in thr next session would result in the entire party being wiped out, I explained they forgave me and we decided that they'd give me The Christmas break to figure something out, if not, we'd just do The Enemy Within, sadly my parents had found me a better school and the last time I saw the group was when I collected my stuff

What happened was that The Pcs had to rescue The Kings Daughter, they weren't high enough in level for it but I planned for that, at the time I was a big fan of The Knightmare TV Show and decided to be inspired by it, meaning that The King would give them A Code Word that they could use to gain the help of the local Elves

Like in Knightmare if they either forgotten to give The Code World or said it but didn't say it in a specific way then they would die, either at the ends of The Elves who would be gravely insulted that they'd lie about being Friends of The Elf Kings friend or at the hands of The Orc Army, which they couldn't beat without The Elves

The problem was that they hadn't either forgotten to give The Code World to give it or gave the wrong Code Word I as The GM forgot to have The King give them The Code Word and by the time I remembered their was no reasonable way to get The Code Word to my players characters before The Orc Army slaughtered them

What's worse even if I did come up with someway to get the info to them The Orcs would be upon them in less then 4 days but no matter how fast or in what direction they moved getting to the nearest Elven military outpost would take just over 7 days, 3 hours

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    Strider.  Mysterious ranger/tracker character following them that happens to have a relationship with the Elves himself.  : )

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