51 years ago the royal line seemingly died out, 1 member survived and had A kid, who is 1 of The Pcs

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I've joined A Group doing A 2nd edition DAD Campaign and I've rolled my characters background and history on The GM's tables, I wasn't to know this GM and The GM I know that I've mentioned before are good friends and they've got similiar idea's

I'm giving as much background as I can remember. But basically 51 years ago the royal line seemingly died out, but 1 member survived and had A kid, who is 1 of The Pcs and A 2nd Pc is The Great-Great Grandson of The Senior Count that murdered the entire, he thinks, Royal Family, if they learn their true heritage even after 51 years could they still claim their birthrights

Basically my characters A Fighter of Neutral-Good Alignment and his grandfather was the son and heir of a powerful count, for many years my characters grand father didn't know that his father/my characters great father, was A Cleric of Chaotic-Lawful Alignment and he didn't realize until he found his father had murdered the entire royal family

His father framed his son/my characters grand father and my characters grand father fled, but not before rescuing the kings 8 day old granddaughter, who at the time was the rightful queen, he then fled to the families land, took his wife and his 8 day old son, and fled 1st the country then the continent

51 years later, works out at my characters father had my character when he was 28 and my characters now 23, my 23 year old character has been adventuring with The 19 year old Thief that's his both his sister and his life long friend, are the old king's Great Grand-Children, sadly The Fighters only technically related due to the rightful queen only being his sister by adoption 

Sadly my characters grandfather never told me or his son/my characters father, who my characters sisters mother really was, thankfully my characters grandfathers dead, and their countries safe, but its likely that people will never know that the 2 are the true royals but in truth only 1 os

But despite being older my characters not the rightful king, his younger sister is and that's because she's his adopted sister, but theirs enough similarities between the 2 for it to be very easy to pass the 2 off as half siblings with the same father but different mothers,it was the characters grandfathers dying wish, he didn't tell his son/the characters father, why but the characters father honored it

The reason that is  very easy to pass the 2 off as half siblings with the same father but different mothers is because with The Male Fighter looking almost identical to his father and The Thief looks almost identical to her mother

That may seem doubtful but it happens a lot more often then people think and both the characters grandfather and father were popular enough and well liked enough that people believed him simply because they assumed he would say that such a thing was true if it wasn't true

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