2 questions about scenarios love potions in it in A Harry Potter RPG I'm making?


As I'm bored I'm working on A Fan Made Harry Potter RPG, I'm the fan, and I have 2 questions about scenarios love potions in it.  What are your answers?

The scenario in the 1st question is what effects, if any, would A Love Potion have on The Drinker if The Drinker already loved the person that gave him or her the The Love Potion?

The scenario in the 2nd question is if prior to being given A Love Potion the person that's given A Love Potion already has strong romantic feelings for the person that give it to him or her but never revealed them and the love potion is custom made so that when drank the drinker only gets instant minor romantic feelings towards the person that gave him or her the love potion and these feelings gradually increase at a rate that appears both quick and natural, does this result in the drinkers feelings dropping to minor?

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