Cutomizing Character Screen


OK, so...looking for some assistance here form the CSS Gurus. Working, or should I say tinkering, on what MIGHT be my next campaign - Xcom based. And would REALLY like my Character page to resemble THIS


Though, I'd replace the flags with face images form the character sheet

Any ideas?

And the Status and Days sections are not necessary...probably change one of them to Level, maybe the other to XP



  • ragnarhawk
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    Well, just for a start, I think that to pull most of that information from the character pages, you will almost certainly need Javascript

  • Abersade
    Posts: 324 edited April 2022

    That changes infrequently enough that manually may be an option too. Certainly easier to set up. I'd almost venture that using the prebuilt character screen to get that effect is far more difficult than just creating a page for characters, swapping it out for the prebuilt character screen in the custom navigation bar option, and then formatting a table to look like you want. Could even throw in a custom XP progression bar or something that way too.

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  • Keryth987
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    Thinking of doing that, but need to figure out how to still use the Create Character button so they in the DB for references and such

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