A Idea for a fake coin making families plan to never get caught, would it work?

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I've A Idea for A 2nd edition Warhammer RPG Campaign were 1 of the main villains is the head of a fake coin making family that's been operating for 384 years that's never been caught and the main reason they've never been caught is the plan they've followed for 384 years. But I have a question, would their plan work in a actual 2nd edition Warhammer RPG Campaign?

The idea is that for the last 384 years theirs been 1 family that has always had 1, no more and no less, member spend between 1 3rd and 3 quarters of his or her life making fake Brass Pennies

The families plan has always been to hope that as all convicted forgers are executed the authorities would be dumb enough to assume that no forger has ever and would be dumb enough to risk getting caught and executed for making fake Brass Pennies, guess what?, their plan worked every time

Those 384 years consist of 20 occasions were 1,.no more and no less, family member individually spend between 17 and 21 years making fake Brass Pennies and between them they spend a total of 384 years

Over those 384 years the family has made the mathematical equivalent, meaning some days they made more and some days they made less, of 40 Brass Pennies a day

This means that every 6th day they can and do exchange 240 Brass Pennies for 1 Gold Coin and with every year consisting of 12 months that are each 31 days that means that every year they net 14,880 Fake Brass Pennies that they always exchange 62 Genuine Gold Coins

This means that over those 384 years they've made a total of 5,713,920 Fake Brass Pennies that they've exchanged for a total of 23,808 genuine Gold Coins

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