2 questions about Queen Aleita

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I've got another 2 questions about Queen Aleita

Its a follow on from the 1 were she wasn't returned to the orphanage but Erin ditched her for Erinna, I've given them names, see what I posted a few minutes ago

The 1st is that if her adopted parents died roughly 7 months after she became queen would The 19 year old Queen Aleita be allowed to adopt her adopted parents 7 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 6 days old biological daughter? or would she have to find a good foster family for her and find a way to make sure they take good care of her,

You will likely say she could and no one would stop her because she's the queen but she's got no experance as a queen, as a ruling noble or as a mother and their will be people, likely a lot of people, that could easily persuade her that the best thing she could do for her none biological sister is to give her to a very wealthy family that know what their doing that she knows will treat her none biological sister very well

After all the 7 year olds related to the new queen, even if only by the 7 year olds parents adopting the new queen just under 18 and a half years before people learned that Aleita's the rightful queen so seriously who'd be dumb enough to go after her

I remember you say means testing means that to adopt they must ha ve 10 times what it would cost to raise her for at least just under 12 years but she's the new queen, that kinds of sum should be very easy to get and finding it would take 2 hours 

The 2nd is asuming her adopted parents do live, I haven't decided yet, is that because theirs no way they won't get a reward what size should the 3 rewards be, the 3 rewards being cash, a higher noble title then what they have and land that's appropiate to their new title, bearing in mind that they are, soon to be were, A minor Baroness and The Very Minor Baron she married that even between them only own the manor house they live in

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