Looking for Players -- "Fly Casual": an Online Star Wars: Saga Edition Campaign


  • Are you a role-player exhausted by self-serious games and characters with 12 pages of backstory before the first session?

  • When you feel nostalgic for game sessions from high school or college, is it the ridiculous moments and bad jokes you find yourself missing the most?

  • While watching "Star Wars", do you find yourself wondering what the inside of a small ship with no shower would smell like after weeks of occupancy by what is effectively a bipedal long-haired dog?

If so, this is the game you've been waiting for! A departure from the overwhelming self-importance of mainstream Star Wars, this will explore the marginal adventures that will never merit an "Episode", or even a brief reference in the Holiday Special. Come for the irreverence, stay for the disregard for canon and contempt for expositional text scrawl!

Game Description:

Set several years prior to "A New Hope" (an era which I would guess could be considered "An Older Hope"), the crew of the freighter The Dewback's Kiss do their best to make ends meet as smugglers. They are, to be clear, extremely bad at it.

A Star Wars: Saga edition game which will not be taking itself too seriously. As such:

  • If your character concept includes the words "...with a heart of gold", "...aspiring Jedi", "...heir to the throne", or "...highly-trained secret superspy for the Rebellion, who Ahsoka Tano follows on Twitter"... keep moving, this is not the game you are looking for.

  • To be clear: "not taking itself too seriously" means I'm aiming for humor, first and foremost. "Lower Decks" and "Red Dwarf" are good examples of the tone. If you don't have a good sense of humor and a willingness to have your character look foolish, this is definitely not the game you are looking for.

Characters will need to be original builds (I'm sure your half-Ewok/half-Rancor Scoundrel from college has a rich backstory, but this isn't the place). All characters will begin at level 3 (unless you're feeling scrappy and want to start at a lower level). Apart from that, the only "hard no" is Force-users.

And Gungans. 


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