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I've seen another topic regarding this, but could not really understand what was posted. Using the "+" sign on entries for my campaign causes unwanted underlining. Is there a way to turn this underlinging off permanently? As a side note, I have no experience with coding, et cetra, so a brief copy/paste of coding jargon would sadly not help me. If possible, I'd need clear step by step instructions. Any help would be appreciated.


  • thaen
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    I'm sure we can get you squared away.  Can you share an example page from your Campaign where this is happening?

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  • Abersade
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    Directions, though this assumes that you are an Ascendant member:

    1. From your campaign frontpage: Left-click on settings (in the left side navigation bar), this takes you to the campaign dashboard page.

    2. Left-click on the Advanced settings tab, this will display page with several text windows, one of which labeled Custom CSSwhere your custom CSS can be pasted.

    3. In that text box paste the following code:

    /* + Sign Underline Functionality - Turns It Off */
    ins { color:inherit; text-decoration:inherit;}
    ins:before { content:'+';}
    ins:after { content:'+';}

    4. Now scroll to the bottom of the page, and left-click on Save in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Abersade
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    Assuming that you are an Ascendant member the following snippets and explanations may be helpful as well: https://abersade-testbed.obsidianportal.com/wikis/css-help-main-hub


  • thaen
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    @Abersade, thank you!

    @Hell_Nova, let me know if the above instructions are not clear enough, and we can get support to do it for you.

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  • Hell_Nova
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    Thank you! The instructions seem clear, done. After work I'll try to update some more d20 stats to test whether the plus signs still throw it all off - many thanks guys

  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I figured out pretty quickly that if you put a space between the + and the number it completely removes the need for any extra coding.

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  • twiggyleaf
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    That's what I do, @UselessTriviaMan.

    It takes a while to remember every time, but you soon get used to it.



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  • jdale
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    You can also put a double equal sign before and after the + sign, like this:



    The equals signs won't show, they just tell Textile not to reformat that part.

    But it's kind of annoying since the plus sign is a common usage for magic items with bonuses. I just entered a list of items and had to escape out a half dozen items like that. Some other markdown type systems let you proceed a single character with a backslash \ or tick mark ` but textile doesn't seem to support that.


  • Hell_Nova
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    Very much appreciated, everyone. Our Star Wars group is able to make good use of the stats on our Items now.

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