How good a choice is Is what Erinns Players had Erinn do?

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Another question on that campaign A Mate of mine's doing with Erinn, Delphini, Kai and Nina, don't worry this is the last, I'm certain of it

First a lot of info

The group has retired, Erinn and Delphini are married, as are Kai and Nina, and Erinn and Delphini  have 3 10 month old triplets who they've named Ophelia, Alex and Cassius with Alex being the oldest, Ophelia the 2nd born and Cassius the youngest

Erinn and Delphini's players named 2 of their characters 10 month old triplets after Hermione and Theo Nott's Future Twins that ended up in the present in the fan made story Harry Potter Story Meddling and the 2nd boys named Cassius and is named after the son of Blaize Zabini, whose another time traveler, from the same fan made Harry Potter Story

With Alex being the oldest child he will inherit Erinns/his fathers title, of Senior Earl who rules A Very Large Earldom and Ophelia as the 2nd oldest gets control of the most powerful Criminal Empire in history

In theory that leaves nothing for Cassius, the youngest, but Erinn and Delphini and their players, want Cassius to get enough to be able to live a very good life, even though they don't have to ensure he gets enough to be able to live a very good lif

So they bought a lot of land and property that he'll get when he turns 18, which will earn Cassius enough Gold per year to guarantee that he is able to live a very good life

They bought him most of the following lands and properties,  what's more between now and Cassius 18th Birthday these lands and properties will earn 1,168x17 or 19,856 Gold Coins, and the day before Cassius turns 18 they'll use all but 56 Gold Coins of it to buy him 1 Gold Mine worth 19,850 Gold that earns 2,184 Gold Coins per year

So in the end Cassius will inherit the following

1 Gold Mine worth 19,850 Gold that earns 2,184 Gold Coins per year

1 Area of 4 Acres of Best Quality Rural Land that has 11 Rural House’s and 5 Rural Hovels on it, its worth 7,020 Gold Coins that earns 523 Gold Coins per year

1 Area of 22 Acres of Poor Quality Rural Land that has 44 Rural Hovels on it, its worth 4,950 Gold Coins that earns 264 Gold Coins per year

1 Antique Shop worth 1,130 Gold Coins that earns 126 Gold Coins per year

1 Upper-Class Restaurant worth 960 Gold Coins that earns 106 Gold Coins per year

1 Coffee Shop worth 820 Gold Coins that earns 91 Gold Coins per year

1 Book Shop worth 300 Gold Coins that earns 33 Gold Coins per year

1 Tea Room worth 220 Gold Coins that earns 25 Gold Coins per year

In total Cassius will get land and property worth a total of 35,250 Gold Coins that will earn him a total of 3,352 Gold Coins per year

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