Would people distrust him or even hate him because of his 4 none-human retainers?

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I had A Pendragon Dream last night in which The New King of Ireland had 4 none-human retainers and I was wondering, outside of Ireland would people distrust him or hate him because of his 4 none-human retainers?

In the dream between his 15th and 19th birthdays, he's now 23, The New King of Ireland saved the of those that are now his 4 none-human retainers

They are 1 Unicorn, 1 Pegasus, 1 Elf whose trained in The Way of A Thief but being A Elf he's far better at it then most Human's will ever be, and 1 Pigmy Giant whose roughly 5% bigger then most Pigmy Giant

Height wise most normal Giants are around 24 foot tall and most Pigmy Giants are roughly 4 10th's the size of A Normal Giant, so most Pigmy Giants are roughly 9.6 foot tall and as he's 5% bigger then normal he's roughly 10.08 foot tall

I'm not sure if either 1 or both of Unicorns and Pegasus are Sentient in The Pendragon RPG but in the dream both Unicorns and Pegasus are sentient

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    I just thought I'd mention that I count this as different enough to the similiar question I asked several months back for it to warrant a separate discussion

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