Could good Bond and good Skorpio beat evil Bond and evil Skorpio?


A few months I was looking through my copies of several of The Old Bond Roleplaying Books from The 80's and I thought who could realistically beat Bond in a fair 1-on-1 fight?

Then I had a idea, Bond could realistically beat Bond in a fair 1-on-1 fight, or rather a mirror universe Evil Bond could beat our good Bond in a fair 1-on-1 fight?

Then I had another idea, make it even better and also shake it up a bit by having our Bond helped by mirror universe good Skorpio and have our Skorpio helped by The mirror universe Evil Bond

Can you imagine it?, I bet you can, good Bond and good Skorpio backed up by good MI6 and good TAROT VS Evil Bond and Evil Scorpio evil MI6 and evil TAROT

In case you didn't know, but most if not all people on this site likely do, in The Old Bond Roleplaying Books from The 80's they couldn't use Blofeld or Spectre so they replaced Blofeld with Scorion and Spectre with TAROT

But Scorpio and TAROT are around a lot longer, they appear in The RPG Version of The Man with The Golden Gun, they don't appear in The RPG Version of A View to A Kill but are mentioned

I once made A RPG Version of The License to Kill Movie were Scorpio was a old friend of both Sanchez and Felix's wife and he was going to kill Sanchez himself, in a way he owed it to Felix's Wife to have Sanchez killed but he also owed it to Sanchez to do it himself so that Sanchez's death would be very quick and almost painless, but Bond did it first

I will also say that he Supplement Book for A View to A Kill says that if Zorin survives his ego definitely wouldn't let him join TAROT but because Mortiners a rubbish fighter and not that good a leader, he's better then he is in the film but that's not hard, its almost guaranteed that sooner or later and likely sooner he'll  join TAROT

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March 2023

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