Why would such a person become A Adventurer?


I've been bored today, I have The 1st edition DAD Version of the charts the mate I've mentioned many times made and for a laugh I decided to generation 60 very detailed character backgrounds with them, keep the richest then ask why would such a person become A Adventurer?

So here's what I've generated

He comes from A 12,394 year old line of Pirates, during which 84% of every member of every generation was a pirate for at least 48% of their life, that ended 228 years ago

It ended when the, at the time, head of the family used 46,001,300 Gold to buy pardons for the entire family and most of their followers

He also spend 238 million Gold on purchasing 20 Noble Titles that each came with a appropriate domain

The cost was 12.5 million Gold each for 17 Titles of Very Senior Baron ruling A Gargantuan sized Barony and 8.5 million Gold each for 3 Titles of Fairly Senior Baron ruling A Large Barony


He then spend another 53,520,200 on purchasing the title of 1 his homelands most senior Earl


All in all his inheritance from the 12,394 year old Dynasty of Pirates, during which 84% of every member of every generation was a pirate for at least 48% of their life, that ended 228 years ago that he came from amounted to the following

17 Titles of Very Senior Baron ruling A Gargantuan sized Barony, 3 Titles of Fairly Senior Baron ruling A Large Barony and 1 title of senior Earl that rules the 17 Gargantuan sized Baronies and 3 Large Baronies

In edition to the between 176 and 202 troops that guard each of his 18 domains he also employs A Force of 335 Mercenaries

Despite everything that his family has bought since then the character still starts with almost 1.7 million in Cash, almost 600,000 n valuables and lands and property worth well over 2.6 million Gold

He also A Laboratory that magically cross-breeds creatures for things such as advancing science, medicine and forensics, to find a cure to the natural parents poisons, to sell to arena’s and for fun and keep some to breed naturally

This Laboratory that magically cross-breeds creatures has 2,791 natural creatures, 659 unnatural hybrids and simply breeding what they have means that every year the population goes up by 2D2+2x100+12D6+14 natural creatures and by 2D6x6+5D6+3 unnatural hybrids

He also inherits close to 150 of both weapons and armor, close to 500 dose’s of both herbs and poisons, a little over 1,000 assorted bits of equipment, almost 6,000 pints of alcohol and enough to food to feed a family of 8 for almost 36.72 years

He also has 211 regular animals and almost 51 monstrous animals that his parents captured as infants, raised and tamed

All of these monstrous animals protect him because they like him, trust him and respect him and they don’t even need A Charm Monster Spell

Magical belongings wise he gets 22 Magic Weapons, 11 of both suits of Magic Armour and Magic Shield, 119 magic items, 77 dose’s of magic potion, 4 Intelligent Weapons, 5 Minor Artefacts and 1 Magic Artefact

Spell wise he gets 270 Books and 162 Scrolls that hold all 1st level, all 2nd level, all 3rd level, all 4th level, all 5th level, all 6th level, all but 2 h level, 10 8th level and 5 9th level Magic User Spells and all 1st level, all 2nd level, all 3rd level, all but 1 4th level, 5 5th level, 3 6th level and 1 7th level Illusionist Spells


Over the 6,187 years his families 35 most famous, or infamous, members consisted of 11 16th level Magic Users, 7 12th level Illusionists, 5 15th level Thieves, 5 11th level Barbarians, 3 13th level Druids, 2 11th level Clerics, 1 18th level Magic User and 1 18th level Illusionists

Also 1

1 set of 8 very large Scrolls, 3 small Scrolls, 2 tiny Books, 2 Very Large Books and 1 Massive Book

These don’t contain The Spells Cacodeamon and Spiritwrack


But it does contain all you need to know to try to use both of those Spells on the following unholy things

The 1’s that The Player don’t know the names of but my character does know the names of


6 Type 1 Deamons, 4 Rutterkins, 4 Vrocks, 2 Deamonic Shade, 2 Deamonic Clerics, 1 Succubus, 1 Type 2 Deamon, 1 Nassu and 1 Deamonic Version of A Spectre


4 Hydrodeamons, 2 Type 3 Deamons, 1 Type 4 Deamon, 1 Shadow Deamon, 1 Bone Devil, 1 lesser Rakhasa, 1 unique Succubus and 1 greater Rakhasa

Also 2

He’s also got A Series of Books, Scrolls, Tomes and Grimories on how to become A White Dragonlord and if he does then he gains the following benefits

Once per day he can transform into A 6HD/38Hp Adult White Dragon with Standard Stats, once per day he can summon Ally whose A 6HD/38Hp Adult White Dragon with Standard Stats and he can use A White Dragons Breathe Weapon 3 times per day and can do this in either form

He becomes immune to all Cold and Ice based damage, gains +3 to saving throws VS The Breathe Weapon of Dragons that aren’t White and gains +1 to all other saving throws

In edition to The Spell Casting Abilities he gets for being A Magic User he gains 2 1st level, 1 2nd level and 1 3rd level Spells, but unlike his normal Spell Casting Abilities he decides these when he becomes A White Dragonlord and he can never change them and once per day he can cast Charm Monster on A Dragon


Annoyingly you can’t try to become A Dragonlord before 6th level, you can only attempt to become A Dragonlord twice every level, the chance at 6th level is 52%, every level over 6th the chance goes up by 12%, which means that you aren’t guaranteed to succeed until you reach 10th level


  • thaen
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    "Why would such a person become A Adventurer?"

    There are wealthy people today that go out and risk their lives and wealth.  Musk was already wealthy from the sale of PayPal, and then nearly went bankrupt launching rockets, but (according to him) he did it to save the human race by making us multi-planetary.  So maybe this person sees such a large risk to the world that everyone else is ignoring that this person alone has the means to take on.

    There are also just straight up risk seekers.  So maybe this person just doesn't feel alive unless they are risking their life and fortune on their next move.

    Or maybe this person lost someone they loved, or was spurned for another (the spurner went for true love instead of marrying money), or this person's parent didn't love them enough, and now this person is going out to try to prove themselves against the world ... and maybe secretly hoping that the world will put them out of their misery.


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