How to stop Erinns 1,296 strong Private Army being a type of instant win button?

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My GM Mate has another question, his question is how does he stop Erinns 1,296 strong Private Army being a type of  win button that's both instant and guaranteed?

Erinns the 1 that's inherited A Criminal Dynasty that because the campaigns lasted for 13.74 in-game years is 1,214.22 years old and  taking everything into account he's raking in almost 743,600 Gold a year

Saying that though every year since the start of the campaign Erinn has invested roughly 94.2% of what he earns in various money making schemes and roughly 38.94% of his yearly earnings comes from those investments

Almost all of that goes on A 1,296 strong Private Army whose composition is 1 1,000 Strong Regiment, 2 100 Strong Companies, 2 39 Strong Platoon and 2 9 Strong Squad's

Here's a selection of the most powerful of Erinns Followers, none of them could definitely beat Erinn in a fair fight, theirs 3 that would have a chance but only if they got very lucky and Erinn got very unlucky, was distracted, was tired and was having a off day but if they were fighting for 1 or more of training, exercise, pleasure or practice then well over then half of them could give Erinn A Good work

Erinns career track, despite inheriting the most powerful criminal history, Career Track was Mercenary-Mercenary Veteran-Mercenary Sergeant-Mercenary Captain-Merchant-Guild Master of A Guild of Mercenaries and he's got 155 advances

Kai. He's 1 of the other 3 Pcs, his Career Tracks Barber Surgeon-Physician-Guild Master of A Physicians Guild-Politician-Noble Lord and he's got 155 advances

In case your wondering how A Ex Slave became A Noble Lord its via a marriage, A Noble Lord by Marriage is still A Noble Lord, Erinn, whose now earned a elevation to Fairly Senior Earl and Kai's Adopted Brother, arranged

Delphini, Another of The other 3 Pcs, her Career Track is Apprentice Wizard-Journeymen-Wizard-Master Wizard-Wizard Lord-Explorer and she's got 155 advances

Nina. The 3rd of The other 3 Pcs, her Career Track is Career Track is Thief-Master Thief-Crime Lord-Initiate of Ranald-Priest of Ranald-Scholar and she's got 155 advances


1 Pistolier Veteran that was once A Outlawed for desertion that Erinn arranged to be pardoned who has 70 advances

1 Pistolier Captain that was once A Outlawed for destertion that Erinn arranged to be pardoned who has 78 advances

1 Outlaw Chief who is also A Ex Highwaymen, Ex Outlaw, Ex Apothecary, Ex Student who dealt in Poisons with 93 advances

1 Assassin, Ex Targeteer, Ex Bounty Hunter, Ex Woodsmen with 89 advances

1 Outlaw Chief, Ex Highwaymen, Ex Outlaw, Ex Thief, Ex Pheasant with 88 advances

1 Judicial Champion, Ex Captain, Ex Sergeant, Ex Mercenary, Ex Initiate of Ulric with 89 Advances 

1 Wizard Lord of The Lord of Fire, Ex Master Lord of The Lord of Fire, Ex Journeymen Wizard Lord of The Lord of Fire, Ex Wizards Apprentice with 80 Advances

1 High Priestess of Shallya, Ex Anointed Priestess of Shallya, Ex Priestess of Shallya, Ex Initiate of Shallya, Ex Barber Surgeon with 92 Advances

1 Assassin, Ex Targeteer, Ex Hunter, Ex Outlaw, Ex Thief with 90 Advances

1 Targeteer, Ex Hunter, Ex Bounty Hunter, Ex Initiate of Sigmar, Ex Thief with 90 Advances

1 Ships Captain, Ex Ships Mate, Ex Seamen, Ex Smuggler with 80 advances

1 Assassin, Ex Targeteer, Ex Hunter, Ex Thief, Ex Farmer with 88 Advances

1 Mercenary Captain whose A Ex Sergeant, Ex Champion, Ex Veteran, Ex Mercenary, Ex Thug with 113 Advances

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    What about character assassination?  Turn the army against Erinn by spreading rumors, or tricking Erinn into actually doing something that some majority of the army would find distasteful.  Maybe showing that Erinn somehow sold them out, or sent them to a battle that he knew they would die in for an unimportant gain/reason.

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