How would Delphini, Nina and Kai react to Erinn buying slaves?, after all they were once slaves

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Another question about The 2nd edition WFRP Campaign my mates using, he sure has loads, and here was me thinking, technically hoping, that my friend had ran out of questions

This time its on how do you think Delphini, Nina and Kai would react to Eriin buying slaves?, after all even though they know that he is guaranteed to treat all of them fairly, well, nicely and kindly they were once slaves that were unfortunate enough to have a mean owner

On the bright side, if you can call it that but they do, The Players of Delphini, Nina and Kai have all decided that their character has officially declared that even though their owner was mean at least he wasn't nasty and/or abusive and/or evil towards any Slave that didn't deserve it

In case your wondering they've recently entered their 4th careers, Delphini's Career Track is Apprentice Wizard-Journeymen-Wizard-Master Wizard-Wizard Lord, Nina's Delphini's Career Track is Thief-Master Thief-Crime Lord(as a lesser 1 under Erinn's command naturally)-Initiate of Ranald, Kai's Career Track is Barber Surgeon-Physician-Guild Master of Physicians-Politician and Erinns is Mercenary-Mercenary Sergeant-Mercenary Captain-Merchant

Here is a lot of relevant information

The GM has made rules for buying and owning Slaves

Erinns Player/The Mercenaries Player intends to make use of The GM’s rules for buying and owning Slaves but as long as they are well behaved, loyal and well mannered he will  treat all of them fairly, well, nicely and kind

As my friend player put it to hell with what his characters 3 best friends, who are former Slaves, think of their best friend buying some of what they were, meaning Slaves

The costs for even a basic hard worker type Slave but for A Slave with even a few advances in A Career are massive

The GM has decided that based on what even Slaves with a above average level of Skill cost in Ancient Rome that the costs he’s chosen make perfect sense

He also says that he likes the idea of keeping the costs low enough that A Very Rich or maybe even just A Rich Merchant could over several years save up enough to buy A few Slaves

He also says that if A Player is lucky enough with the rolls for the advances his characters slaves have he or she could get a massive bargain

A example its 1D2+300 Gold Coins times their number of careers, plus you’ve got to pay for their advances and the cost is in multiples of 200 Gold Coins and every multiple of 200 Gold Coins buys your slave 1D6+1 advances

1 example of that is that A Journeymen Wizard is in at least his or her 2nd career, will have at least 11 advances and will have promoted at least

As a example buying A Journeymen Wizard type Slave would cost you at least 800 Gold Coins for him or her being in at least his or her 2nd career and as he or she has at least 11 advances and will have promoted at least once promotion even if you roll A 12 or higher on the 2D6+2 that adds at least another 400 Gold Coins to the cost

Following on from that example buying A Journeymen Wizard type Slave who is in his or her 2nd career, has promoted once and has between 11 and 15 advances will cost the buyer at least 800 Gold Coins +at least another 400 Gold Coins or at least 1,200 Gold Coins

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    I could see a "rationalization" either way ...

    If Erinn doesn't buy them, then those specific slaves will be bought by someone else that could be meaner to them than Erinn would be.

    If Erinn does buy them, then Erinn is perpetuating the market for all slaves, and incentivizing the capture of more slaves or harder to catch slaves.

    Buy and Erinn is saving a few at the expense of the many.  Don't buy and Erinn is allowing harm to a few (that could otherwise be treated well or even freed) to the possible benefit of the many ... or to the possible benefit of the "marginal next slave" that couldn't be caught because that slave was just slightly more expensive to catch than it would be worth to sell the slave for.

    I guess the more interesting question is whether Erinn wants to actively oppose the slave trade and try to disrupt it entirely, and build a freed slave army that is loyal to him for having freed them.

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