How angry would The Imperium and Hierate be?

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A friend of mine has been running A Pirates of Drinax campaign for 2 years, it starting getting out of hand within weeks of it starting and she needs help, asked me and I'm asking here

The main problem is that her layers came up with a unique way to steal Ships that involves mass murder, but everytime she has rolled on the response tables she made the roll was A 42 or less, which means that not only have they has succeeded everytime but The Imperium and Hierate haven't cottened on yet

Out of the 15 heists they've only come close to getting caught 3 times and they have now stolen, via murder, a lot of ships, quite a few of which are sizeable Ships. Roughly how angry do will The Imperium and Hierate be when they find out?

How annoyed would they be at Pirates stealing, not just robbing, this many Navy Ships, especially 1's as big as these are would be and especially doing it using Murder

Her plans plan, which has worked perfectly everytime, so far, is that they wait in a area known to be patrolled by Navy Ships and fake A Battle, when A Navy Ship drops out of Jump Space they make it look like The Navy Ship arrives just in time to scare off The Pirates

They then ask for help and when The Navy Ship docks they use devices made in The Scholars Tower to knock the ships Crew out, they then space The Crew, they take The Navy Ship and they've been doing it for 154 months

The 1st time they used The 200 ton Free Trader from 1st Prize to get A 400 ton Gazelle

The next twice they used The 400 ton Gazelle and The 200 ton Free Trade to get 2 400 ton Patrol Corvettes

The next twice they used The 2 400 ton Patrol Ships to get 1 600 ton Cutlass Class Corsair that was captured by The Imperium and sold to Mercenaries and 1 800 ton Mercenary Cruiser

The next 3 times they used A 800 ton Mercenary Cruiser to get A 800 ton Aslan Escort

The 8th time they used 2 800 ton Aslan Escort to get 2 1,000 ton Imperial Destroyer

The next twice they used The 1,000 ton Destroyer to get A 1,200 ton Pocket Battle Ships

The next twice they used A 1,200 ton Pocket Battle Ship to get A 1 2,000 ton Escort Carrier

The 13th time they used The 2 2,000 ton Escort Carriers to get 2 Prototype 2,800 ton Aslan Cruisers

The 14th time they used The 2 2,000 ton Escort Carriers,  1,200 ton Pocket Battle Ship and  1 2,000 ton Escort Carrier  to get 2 prototype 5,000 ton Imperial Frigates

The 15th time they used The 2 2,000 ton Escort Carriers, 1,200 ton Pocket Battle Ship, 1 2,000 ton Escort Carrier and 1 prototype 5,000 ton Frigate to get A 8,000 ton Ritchey

So over 154 months they've illegally bagged 23 Ships that range from 400 tons to 8,000 tons

They also have The 200 ton Harrier, The 200 ton Free Trader from 1st prize and The 1 400 ton Salvage Hauler and 1 200 ton Far Trader from No Honor Among Thieves

They've had Theev build them 4 600 ton Rorix Class Command Ships and 3 200 ton Star-Ray Class Interceptors

They've also got The Base at Wildeman that every 3rd year it gives them 1D6x100 tons of free Ships and so far its build them 2 200 ton Harriers, 2 400 ton Pirate Versions of The Gazelle, 1 300 ton Indigo Class Pirate Carrier and 1 100 tom armed and armored Scoutship

They also did Treasure Ship and as they took 3 200 ton Harriers, 1 400 ton Pirate Version of The Gazelle, 1 400 ton Salvage Hauler and 1 300 ton Indigo Class Pirate Carrier and made it clear they were going to team up with Hroal she boosted The Imperial Forces to 6 400 tom Gazelles and 2 1,600 ton Treasure Ships

Once they'd defeated and captured  The Imperial Forces and spaced the surviving crew hey turned on and defeated and captured Hroal 's 1 1,200 ton Pocket Warship, 1 300 ton Bug, 1 200 ton Trader and 1 100 ton Scoutship and again spaced the surviving crew

Including The 1 400 ton Patrol Corvette they bagged on Arunissir that means that a mere 5 months work has netted them 6 400 tom Gazelles, 2 1,600 ton Treasure Ships, 1 1,200 ton Pocket Warship,1 400 ton Patrol Corvette, 1 300 ton Bug, 1 200 ton Trader and 1 100 ton Scoutship

That gives her Pcs A Armada of 53 Ships that range from 200 tons to 8,000 tons, boy oh boy after everything they've done I'd wouldn't be in the same system as them hen they get caught for all the tea on Earth

Whenever they steal A Ship they kill the crew by spacing them then they make it look like the crew mutinied and turned Pirate

Including the money they get from their Pirate Starbase at Wildeman that has A Class B Pirate Starport that has A construction Capacity of 700 tons they make a their making a minimum profit of Cr 2,319,087 a month

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    If the GM wants to make it something, then she could have the Imperium start wondering where the ships are just as a routine inventory check.

    Or maybe something happened near one of the ships' last known coordinates and the Imperium is trying to reach the ship to go investigate, and then realizes that it can't reach the ship, and sends someone out ot investigate the missing ship as well as the "something that happened" nearby.

    Or maybe one of the ships has a part that has been recalled and leaves the ship vulnerable in some unexpected way, and the Imperium is calling all ships of that type back in for maintenance.  When they try to reach this one, they realize it's missing and send someone to find it.

    Or, maybe one of the spaced crew members was a family member of someone high up and that person is now making noise because they haven't heard from their family member in a long time.  Maybe that high up person hires some pirate hunters to track down where the ship their family member was on has gone to.


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