Could what happened in my 2nd edition WFRP Dream happen in A 2nd edition WFRP campaign?

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6 minutes ago I woke up from A 2nd edition WFRP Dream and I have a question, the question is could what happened in my 2nd edition WFRP Dream happen in A 2nd edition WFRP campaign?

In The Dream over the last 812 years most members members of both sides of The Main Characters family had been famous Mercenaries and over that time the family had raked in 16,600 Gold Coins

22 months before he died The Main Characters father cashed in everything, annoying including weapons and armor and all sorts of other useful stuff, and invested all of it in A Gargantuan Sized Hunting Estate worth 17,300 Gold Coins that nets the owner 1,903 Gold Coins per year

Luckily, technically very lucky, that the main characters father wasn't daft enough or cruel enough to sell The Pegasus he saved while it was still A Egg that now serves the main character

It’s also lucky, technically very lucky, that main characters father didn’t sell The 2 Magic Items, 1 Magic Weapon and 1 dose of Magic Potion the family had acquired over the last 812 years

Those 4 magic things are 1 Magic Sword -no powers but can harm foes that can only be harmed by magic, 1 D-Ring -gives 1 AP everywhere and doesn’t effect Spellcasting, 1 Trimmings Bag -once a month gives 3D6+1 Gold Coins worth of Silver Trimmings and 1 dose of potion of healing -when drank restores the drinkers W to full

As a result of that inheritance The Main Character would never have to work 1 day in his life, but that would be boring and he does come came from a many centuries long line of Mercenaries

Then he had a idea, he would become A Mercenary and when or if he becomes A Mercenary Captain he can use most of the 1,9903 Gold Coins he gets per year to pay his Mercenaries

This will eliminate the problem that most other Mercenary Captains have, which is that if they can't pay their men their men desert, or rather that's what Mercenary Captains call it

Even better is that by not employing his Mercenaries until he becomes A Mercenary Captain he earns even more money, which goes on even more Land and Property, which nets him even more Gold Coins per year

His plan was to use 1,800 Gold Coins per year of his 1,903 Gold Coins per year to hire 4 Mercenaries with 3 Advances each for 150 Gold Coins each per year, 1 Journeymen Wizard of The Lore of Fire with 13 Advances for 650 Gold Coins per year, 1 Barber Surgeon with 7 Advances for 350 Gold Coins per year, 1 Initiate of Sigmar with 4 Advances for 650 Gold Coins per year

So his mercenary group will only have 7 members, 5 of whom have 4 or less advances, so its  small and rather weak, but the rules only say that A Captain  needs to lead A Unit of Troops, theirs no rule saying The Unit has to be large or powerful

Besides he'll only recruit them when he becomes A Mercenary Captain, and before then he'll earn the full sum, which will go up every year, that will go on even more Land and Property, which nets him even more Gold Coins per year

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