How to make part 10 A Challenge in A Drinax Campaign I'm finishing for A Friend?

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I’ve agreed to help A Friend by finishing her Pirates of Drinax Campaign for her, but she had a problem that I now have, so tell me, how do I make part 10 A Challenge in A Drinax Campaign I'm finishing for A Friend?

She had been doing Pirates Of Drinax for 5.56 real years and, thanks to Anagathics bought with The Nobles Portfolio, 166.11 years have passed by The Games Time

She had been far too generous with what she allows the players and combined with sheer luck, Drinax's survival VS Aslan Fleet is definite and VS A Imperial Fleet has a better then even chance, or at least that’s how my friend saw it and I see it

Her Pcs personally lead ships are even crewed by genetically modified slaves from The Glorious Empire that serve The Pcs with a fanatical loyalty

Planet wise they have 283 Worlds that are spread across 16 Subsectors and 4 Sectors, they have the open allegiance of The Floranni, The Strend Cluster, The Meghan Consortium, The Senlis Foederate and Belgardian Sojurnate, they have convinced The Ahroay'if Clan and 4 Minor Aslan Clans to turn traitor and are secretly allied with The Zhodanni, The Ine Givar and The Clan

50 worlds were The Floranni’s, 31 Worlds belonged to The Strend Cluster, 7 worlds each belonged to The Meghan Consortium, The Senlis Foederate and Belgardian Sojurnate, The Zhodanni of Pa’an controlled 4 Words and 7x4 or 28 of those planets once belonged to The 4 Aslan Clans her Pcs got to turn traitor

As well as which 30 of those planets were conquered from The Glorious Empire, 17 years ago they expanded into The Sword Worlds Sector and got 11 Neutral Worlds to join them and 19 months ago they blackmailed The GeGoDe with what their Trojan Reach Branch was up to and in return for silence got 7 worlds from The Spineward Marches that The GeGoCe controlled

All in all they have 17,002 Regular Ships that range from 100 tons to A Custom build 40,000 ton Version of The Ritchey that are worth 24,944 Fighting Dice and they also have 25 Capital Ships that range from 50,000 tons to 130,000 tons

Even if you only count The Starports Drinax has that are capable of building jump capable Ships The New Kingdom of Drinax has 23 Class C Starports, 18 Class Band Starports and 8 Class A Starports. See below for more info

The regulars are The Class B Starport hidden in A Asteroid at Wildeman, 1 Class B Starport from The Space Station from Treasure of Sindal, Vorito’s Class A Starport they got in return for their Silence, Theev’s Class A Starport that Drinax Upgraded to have A Construction Capacity of 5,300 tons and The Strend Clusters 5 Class B and 1 Class A Starports

A selection of my favourites are 14 Class C, 6 Class B and 2 Class A Starports from The Floranni, A Class A Starport they funded on Number One that has A Construction Capacity of 5,300 tons and 9 Class C, 5 Class B and 2 Class A Starports they captured from The Glorious Empire and The Class A Starport with A Construction Capacity of 5,800 tons that Drinax also got in return for their silence about what The GeDeCo had been up to

They also have the official support of 13 of The 14 Pirate Lords, the 1 that doesn’t officially support them is Darokyn but they do have and have Darokyn's unofficial support

6 of those 19 Capital Ships are The Yahoot which is A 50,000 ton Freighter from Rumors of The Reach that they converted into A Carrier, 2 50,000 ton Aslan Cruisers and 2 50,000 ton Aslan Bombers that The Zhodanni helped them capture from The Glorious Empire and The Strend Clusters 50,000 ton Flagship

7 of the other 11 Capital Ships are 5 50,000 ton Cruisers and 2 55,000 ton Carriers that belong to The Floranni

My 3rd favourite set is 4 50,000 ton Destroyers that they paid for by selling 68% of  The Artwork on The Floating Palace, 2 60,000 ton Cruisers they bought by selling the other 32% of The Artwork on The Floating Palace and 2 unnamed 50,000 ton Freighters they converted into Carriers

My 2nd favourite bit is that they also have 2 130,00 ton Carriers that Drinax financed by both selling 69.9% of  the antique Jewellery on The Floating Palace and emptying every single Credit from every Bank in Drinax and using the cash to buy 2 117,600 ton Freighters and convert them into Carriers and all 3 of them hold 451 10 ton, 300 20 ton, 71 30 ton, 22 40 ton, 13 50 ton and 6 100 ton Fighters

My favourite part is that they also got A 75,000 ton Aslan Destroyer by preventing the murder, that they arranged simply so they could foil it and be rewarded with A Capital Ship, of Ahroay'ifko, whose The Leader of The Ahroay'if Clan and 1 75,000 ton Cruiser they got after preventing the murders, yet again they arranged it simply so they could foil it and be rewarded with A Capital Ship, that they arranged, of 3 Sector Dukes

I will mention that that Theev may be the power behind the throne, but it is secret and unknown to anyone other then Wrax, Hill, The Pcs and Drinax's Royal family

What’s more due to the creation of alias and bribed so-called spies The Imperium and Aslan both believe that a coalition of The Ine Giver, The Zhodani and The Glorious Empire are trying to create a 3-way war between The Hierate, Drinax and The Imperium and are using surgically altered imposters and custom build imposter ships to accomplish this

Both The Imperium and The Hierate believe that The plan of PSI-Alliance, as my GM Friend has decided both The Imperium and The Hierate call them, it that  they will let all 3 sides decimate each other

That’s what both The Imperium and Hierate believe The PSI Alliances Short Term Plan is and they both believe The PSI Alliances Long Term Plan is that with help from government traitors on all 3 sides within 1 century they will have laid the foundations of a plan that before the year 1,788 will see the destruction of The 3rd Imperium and the creation of The 4th Imperium, which they will rule

1 thing I forgot

Here's how her Pcs got away with all this

I asked The GM how her Pcs got away with all this and she said that they reason that nobody ever figured out their clever plan is because they pulled a fast 1 on The Imperium that let them get away with it

The fast 1 they pulled on The Imperium that let them get away with it is that they made it so obvious that they are the 1's responsible that The Imperium figured that someone must be trying to frame The Pcs because The Pcs are intelligent and if The Pcs were the 1's responsible their guilt wouldn't be so obvious

On the subject of their intelligence The 5 Pcs all started The Campaign with A INT of between 8 and 11 and A EDU of between 7and 14

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    Can the GM add a group inside the PCs' forces that is actively working against them?  Maybe the group has a different opinion about how something in the past should have been handled and have been disgruntled about it since then and have just been waiting to make their move against the PCs?  Maybe the group is even coordinating with the Imperium now and have convinced the Imperium that the PCs really are behind all of this, and there are no other powers involved?

    The idea being that the group can chop the PCs forces in half by just outright stealing them, and/or degrade the effectiveness of the remaining forces through internal sabotage.
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