Returning after 21 years...


for an introduction, basically, I almost always play bard, only druid would be a close second class for me, and I haven't ever played I have NO idea what to do on here to start. I know how to play, still have been making my own campaigns, then imagining playing it, but unless its a solo....

for this, I was referred to this site by someone, but still don't really know how to start anything...also, I dont really have a budget yet to get the sub, so if there are any tricks to starting or things to know, or "do this and it'll mess x up, or make y difficult.." kinda things. also was still 3e when i played a full campaign so... yeah...

other than that basic info, i'm an open book, so can literally ask me anything.

P.S. I may play bard, BUT,  i have no musical far as i know, I'm the only bard i know of that cant sing or play instruments...even in the campaign...was called "Irony" in my last one...


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    @jwbachman, welcome back to the table after your long absence!

    You definitely do not need a sub to play.  The way I've played digitally is just on video confrencing like Zoom or Skype, and otherwise is exactly like playing at a table.  (Others I think prefer actually being "in person" and might disagree.)

    I just looked at the D&D 3rd Edition games that say they are "looking for players" and none of them have been updated in a long while, so they probably aren't actually playing anymore:

    Click on the "All Systems" bar there, and choose other Game Systems, like D&D 5E, to find some other games that are "looking for players", and then reach out to the GM to inquire.

    If you have any questions or issues, feel free to post here.  Happy to help!

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    Hi @jwbachman, welcome to Obsidian Portal and welcome back to gaming after such a long time.  Our group plays mainly "TABLE TOP" in Glasgow, Scotland, but after @thaen saying that there were no current D&D 3e games, I also wanted to draw your attention to both D&D 5e and to Pathfinder.  We still play Pathfinder Edition 1, and I can attest to the fact that it is very similar to D&D 3e, but better, and with more options.  I can't imagine the second edition is much different.

    I guess what I am really saying is that both Pathfinder and D&D 5e may have modified their rule systems, but as a previous player of D&D 3e, you will catch on quick, so don't feel you have to restrict yourself in looking for a new group to join.


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