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Um so yea I've never played dnd I want to play it like a lot always have wanted to. Been watching critical role and I want to play but don't have anyone atm bc I'm awa u from my family. Can only do online vut I would really like to find a group to play w. I understand the basics bc of xr but again am new email [email protected] 

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    Welcome Noah!

    Last time I listened to Critical Role they were playing DND 5th Edition, so if you're wanting to play the same, you could check out the DND 5e Campaigns that are looking for Players:

    Click into the Campaigns and look for the "Remote!" label on their Homepage, like this:


    If you like the Campaign's Wiki and Characters, message the GM, and ask if they are open to having a new Player join them.  Let them know you're a newbie, just in case it matters to them, but it probably won't matter to most.


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    By the way, welcome to Obsidian Portal, @noahfoust37
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