What do you think of my Star Wars RPG Version of A Fan Made Code Lyoko Character?


5 hours ago I found A Fan Made Star Wars RPG on the net and I decided it would be amusing to create A Stars Wars RPG Version of my favorite character from A Fan Made Code Lyoko Story that isn't in the actual TV Show


Kai Takero Ishiyammi







I want him to have a very high level of Dex, have a high level of both Strength and Perception and I want his Knowledge, Mechanical and Technical Skills to all be a small bit above average


That gives Dexterity 4D, Knowledge 2D+2, Mechanical 2D+2, Perception 3D, Strength 3D and Technical 2D+2


As his Official I:D is A Skilled Travelling Gun for Hire I put 2D in Blaster

In the original timeline he had at least basic training in scavenging, searching and survival skills, like most people on his home-world, so I take 1D in The Skills Search and Survival

On such a world having at least A Basic Ability in Medicine would be very useful so I take 1D in First Aid

Being good at hiding would be very useful on his world under Xanna so I take Hide 1D


As their were times when being able to bargain with off worlders for supplies would help him to survive I take 1D in Bargain


He won’t have had much in the original timeline but he’d have had some

But he was send into the past to Stop Xanna so his World would have given him every single Credit  they could afford

What’s more with the skills, abilities and uncertified training once in the past he’d have earned a lot more


I decide that GM Kai Counts as Wealthy, this means that he starts with 2D6x400, for a laugh I make the roll and he ends up with 3,600 Credits

Advantages and/or disadvantages

1’s I made that suit the guys background and history

Knowledge of The Future that’s very limited yet very dangerous and theirs likely hundreds of millions that would kill to get it -4D

He knows of The Birth of The Empire and how evil it was rumored to be but at the point in time he came from was no prove and seeing how bad The Republic was he refuse’s to believe it was worse


If it is worse he intends to use his knowledge to let allow The Empire happen but in a way that guarantees its a democracy

Official 1’s

Fanatic +3D

Being from after The Birth of The Empire but being before The Battle of Naboo he is devoted to allowing The Empire to happen but in a way that makes it a democracy

Extremely competitive +1D

Nightmares +1D

Strangely about the events on his world thanks to Xanna and has nothing to do with The Empire

Argumentative +1D

It’s a unexpected side effect of being A Time Traveller


All in all I use those +4D to take The Force Powers Control 1D and Sense 1D and The Skills  Lightsaber Combat 1D and Lightsabre Repair 1D


Because of his mission he will be very will equipped

Almost all of his initial stuff consists of everything that in his time his home planet believed would be used that was either unbroken or broken but reparable

Naturally some of this is nicked, either in his present/our future, or in his past/our present


In the end I decide that he has the following stuff

2 sets of good clothing

1 Heavy Blaster Pistol

1 Com-link

1 Sabacc Deck

1 Star Wars Version of A Mini Laptop

1 box of 8 50 minute holovids

1 Recording Unit

1 Vacc Suit

1 3-use Med Pack

1 utility belt



Force Points




Travelling Gun for Hire

Somehow his Jedi Potential was overlooked

But he has taught himself a bit about The Force


Both his origins and home-world are completely unknown


Born of The Planet Lyoko 5 years before The Battle of Naboo and shortly after his 5th Birthday, so around the time of The Battle of Naboo his Home Planet was taken over by A Insane A:I called Xanna

With the people of his world barely surviving under Xanna’s reign by the time The Republic learnt what had happened 10 years had passed and The Clone Wars had just started

Quick witted and quick thinking the people of his world managed to survive long enough to destroy Xanna then create a device that would send the now 23 year old Kai back in time to 10 years before The Battle of Naboo to stop both Xanna and The Sith or 5 years before he was born

Those 23 years work out at him being 5 at the time of The Battle of Naboo, 18 at the time The Empire was founded and it was 5 years later, o when he was 23, that news but no proof of The Empires true colors 1st reached his Home World of Lyoko

Sadly Kai was jaded, annoyed with his life and life in general and more then a bit bitter at The Republic for taking 10 years to realize what was going on then using he outbreak of The Clone Wars to justify ignoring it

Even worse is that by the time he came The Empire had only started showing its true colors within the last 7 months and because he refused to believe the rumors thinks The Empire was a lot better then The Republic and other then stopping Xanna’s creation, he fully intends to let history repeat itself

He’s now trapped 28 years in the last, which is 5 years before he was born, he has no way to return to his time, even if he could he wouldn’t as he likes it in the past and he’s completed the only part of his 2-part mission he ever intended to complete

Interestingly when the events of Phantom Menace happen he plan is to let Anakin be taken in by The Jedi but a year or 2 after it he plans to buy 3 of Anakins 6 Slave Friends

They are/were The Human Slaves Amy and Kitser and The Rodian Slave Waldo, the reason why is because 4 years after Phantom Menace they and their owner crash on Lyoko

They and their owner join the Anti-Xanna Resistance Movement and The 3 13 year old Slaves quickly became Kai’s best friends but sadly 9 years later they died but they died in a way that saves both Kai, The People of Lyoko and The Planet of Lyoko


Interestingly in the original time-line he wasn’t Force Sensitive but 1 of the effects of travelling 28 years into his past was that he became Force Sensitive



The 1 that he completed as part of his back-story that has no effect on the campaign

Save his, in his time, The Planet Lyoko by stopping The Creation of The Evil A:I Xanna

The 1 he hasn’t yet done

Use his knowledge to ensure that even though The Empire still gets created it gets created in a way that ensures it becomes A Democracy


The only 1

Make sure that within A year or 2 of The Battle of Naboo he has the funds to buy The Human Slaves Amy and Kitser and The Rodian Slave Waldo that in the original timeline eventually became his best friends but in the end died to save both him and The Planet Lyoko


Find some way to justify freeing The Human Slaves Amy and Kitser and The Rodian Slave Waldo that, like I said earlier, in the original timeline eventually became his best friends but in the end died to save both him and The Planet Lyoko


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    Srry couldn't fit everything. Here's what I had to leave out

    I even gave him what I thought are very appropriate Skills, Stats, Background and Equipment and decided that it would be amusing to have it so that in the original time-line he didn't have the potential to be A Jedi but as a side effect of using A Machine that tapped into The Force in order to back in time means that in the new timeline didn't have the potential to be A Jedi, naturally he's self taught
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