How crazy was my uncles?

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Yesterday I learnt that 1 of my Uncles has decided to try GM'ing A Marvel Super Heroes Campaigns, but theirs a big problem and its not it nor is irt that niether my uncle nor any of his 5 players have ever played in any RPG before, nor have any of them seriously considered it until he found the boxed Marvel Heroes RPG Game

The problem is that he literally wasted what, to him but not to most people, would have been a life changing sum and that chance was both guaranteed to happen and 100% legal. Here's more info

Its been in his attic since 1,984, by sheer luck its never been effected by things like cold, damp, mold or rot, the box literally hasn't been opened once, the stuff they wrapped boxes in during The 80's is intact and wasn't ruffled in any way and the thing is literally almost untouched and he's even still had the receipt, sadly its long been unreadable, think about it theirs no way that kind of condition isn't, sorry wasn't, unique. Old fool

Sadly without thinking he literally tore into the packaging, ripped the box open, tore the packaging to shreds, tipped the contents over his dusty, dirty attic floor, binned the box and packaging and left dozens, maybe even hundreds, of dirty fingers over everything inside

Think about it the right buyer would have definitely paid £50,000 for it and would have likely paid at least £70,000  for it and the guys got major money troubles as it is, who knows if sold in the right auction house on the right day to the right bidder it may have fetched half a million and now?, like I said old fool

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    He may have dodged a bullet.  What kind of trouble could he have gotten himself into if he was handed a lump sum of 70k?  If he already has major money troubles, then he may not have yet developed the skills to know what to do with a windfall like that.  This way, he might actually end up having some fun without a metaphorical or literal hangover to follow it up.

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    I said it was estimated to be a lump sum of at least 50K to 70K and that it was likely to be a lot higher and I also said that if sold in the right auction house on the right day to the right bidder it may have fetched half a million

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