A question about A Traveller Dream I had

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Last night I had a dream about A Group of Characters, can I have your thoughts on it? and would they be treated as Pirates? or would thet only(?) lose their Ship(?)

In it 1 of them had their Great Grandfather leave them A Custom Build 600 ton ton heavily armed, very heavily armored Trader, which means that in the dream The Characters start The Campaign with A Custom Build 500 ton heavily armed, very heavily armored Trader that no mortgagee

The problem was that not with The Pcs but with their New Ship, which they collected on Tech-World and The Pcs plan was to use it for trading in The Imperium, which in the end ended up being a bad idea

The reason it ended up being a bad idea is that none of them knew that The Pcs great-grandfather was a notorious Pirate and because no-one knew that he'd left his ship to his great grandson it was still registered as A Pirate Ship and lets be honest even if someone knew its likely that it would still be registered as A Pirate Ship

On the bright side, if you can call it that, The Ship was acquired legally, like I said it was fully paid off and its computer held the location of A Secret Class B Pirate Starbase that has A Starport that has A Construction Capacity of 800 tons

I will admit that the dream showed that that is were The Pcs Great Grandfathers Custom Build 600 ton ton heavily armed, very heavily armored Trader was build

That is why when The Pcs returned to The Imperium The Ship was identified as A Pirate and The Pcs and their ship were seized

What do you think?. If this dream happened in A Traveller Campaign would The Pcs be treated as Pirates? or would they only(?) lose the ship or would they have to pay large sums for the ship to now be on the list of legitimate Ships?

On the subject of whether or not The Pc that inherited it would be suspected of being The Pirate he wouldn't be and would never be

The reason for that is that The Pc was 4 when his Great Grand-Father retired and 28 when his Great Grand Father Died and not even Krond from Drinax Adventure 6 is daft enough to even joke about the possibility that The Pc could be The Pirate

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