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Can I have a few thoughts on a lot more background information that Delphin's player gave her and maybe some idea's for how this could play into the distrust, dislike, disrespect, animosity and hatred that a lot of her fellow Journeymen Wizards have for her and/or feel towards her

Like I've said several times she is named Delphini after Voldemort and Bellatrixs Daughter from The Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and her player has even even given a very similiar background, and I'll be honest its so similar to her namesakes fhat I find it a bit scary, to her namesake, naturally its got A several Twists, all of which are the kind of twists you'd expect in A Warhammer RPG

The 14 Witch Hunters and The 450 Strong Army they led that destroyed her parents and The group of 221 assorted Cultists, Undead, Mutants, Beastmen, Skaven, and chaos Aligned Monsters her parents led, but despite that  somehow The Goodies didn't realize that somewhere in The Cults HQ, which was beneath The Cult Leaders Home, their was A 13 week old baby

On the subject of some Skaven taking part in the fight, my GM friend says that despite their being 308 surviving witness's, 10 of them respected Witch Hunters, The Empire somehow managed to hush up the fact that 11 Skaven took part in the fight

Thankfully she is as different from her parents as day is to night, and she's made sure that as many people as possible know thank, thankfully The Witch Hunters that destroyed her familiy and their cult somehow overlooked her, otherwise she'd be dead, unfortunately she was found by Slaver Traders and she was made A Slave, thankfully she wasn't a slave for very long

Or maybe I should say that wasn't a slave for very long by the standards of almost all if not all Slaves that are enslaved whilst they are still very young babies?, after all that is several times more accurate then saying that she wasn't a slave for very long

Potentially even worse, but I don't think it will be, is that her mother was the greatest normal(as in she wasn't mutated, possessed, insane or Undead)Chaos Magic Using Warlock in more 15 decades and her father was the greatest normal(as in he also wasn't mutated, possessed, insane or Undead), Necromantic Magic Using Warlock in over 15 decades

I will also say that even though The Light College knows about her family, not sure how, were or when they found out but they found out, she is still alive, after all she's 1 of The 4 Pcs, so she has to be alive

The main reason that she's still alive, but its A 2nd edition Warhammer RPG so she may not be alive for long, despite The Light College knowing who her parents were is that they know and understand that Delphini can't help who her parents were and what they did

In this version of Warhammer Roleplay they gave her a chance to prove she can be trusted, isn't allied to Chaos and hasn't been tempted by Chaos, sadly in a normal Warhammer Roleplay Campaign they would never even consider giving her any of those chance's, and she has proved all 3 several times

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