A few thoughts on why Delphini wouldn't owe The Mercenary if he paid her debts

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I've just thought of something about Delphini, her debt to The Light College and The Mercenary in my mates Campaign and to me it doesn't make sense that if The Mercenary paid off debts to The Light College that Delphini would owe The Mercenary

Delphini was born A Slave but she and 2 fellow Slaves, The other 2 Future Pcs, save the, at the time, 6 year old Future Mercenaries life and The Future Mercenaries Parents return the favor by buying their freedoms then adopting the 3 former slaves

Sadly like I said in my last post things happened that mean that The Future Thief fell out with the other 3 only 43 days later, she left and she didn't meet The other 3 Future Pcs for just over 15 years

In that sort of situation when, not if, The Mercenary pays off Delphini's debts to The Light College why would Delphini feel indebted to The Mercenary? and its relevant to mention that not only has The Mercenary inherited rulership of The Most Powerful Criminal Empire in history theirs also the fact that his father bought both the title of Very Senior Baron and rulership of A Gigantic Barony, both of which The Mercenary inherited

The reason its relevant is that even though my Mate whose The Groups GM admits that a tiny number of Light Wizards are corrupt, but thankfully their corruption only involves petty crime, not Chaos Worship, they wouldn't cross someone as politically powerful as The Mercenary

I will also mention that Delphini has saved The Mercenaries life at least once, she's his sister by adoption, the 2 are closer to each other then a lot of blood-siblings, Delphini and The Mercenary have known each other for just over 15 years and they have been very good friends for just under 12 years

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