I've had a idea for A Harry Potter RPG with Delphini Riddle and Xanna from Code Lyoko in it

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I've had a idea for A Harry Potter RPG with Delphini Riddle and Xanna from Code Lyoko in it. What do you think?

The idea is that 8 years after The Cursed Child Xanna is accidentally resurrected by the last living member of project Carthage

I'll make Franz Hopper A Squib and make the reason The Super-Computer is so powerful be because its made by both technology and Magic, Xanna will know of Voldemort but no other Code Lyoko Character, not even Aleita will know of or about Magic

At The 20th Anniversary Party of Xanna's Destruction(The main part of The Cursed Child taking place in Albus 4th year or 3 years after Book 7's Epilogue, which means it happened in 2,020 and Xanna was destroyed in 2,008) Xanna launch's 10 100 pound Nuclear Missiles at Kadic and wipes it off the map, including The 6 Lyoko Warriors and 9 of their 10 children

Jeremy and Aleita will have A Muggle-Born Son who escaped the destruction because he was at Hogwarts, as he goes to his parents funeral Xanna will posses him and announce his return to the world, naturally only The Wizards have any real chance of believing him and even then most don't

7 months later with no attacks from Xanna its the 30th anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts and ministers of magic and other senior ministry officials from every Wizarding Country in The World is at Hogwarts, which Xanna wipes off the map with 50 1 ton Nuclear Missiles

To end it all Xanna that also takes possession of Delphini Riddle and between them her and Jeremy and Aleita's Son  activates all of Xanna's remaining Super-Computers and the 3, 1 of who is Xanna, use's them to launch a modified return to the past and goes back to 1,996 and their plan is to stop Franz going into and shutting down the super computer, killing Franz, Aleita and even Voldemort and Xanna will rule the world

At this point in time the only living person whose A Hero of The Battle of Hogwarts is Ginny Weasley, who was in bed with Flu, and realizing how desperate the situation is she gets drafted in as intern ministres of magic

Realizing that with Xanna controlling Charles Potter and Delphini Riddle, knowing what the 3, 1 of them is Xanna,  Ginny decides to assemble a team of the best, such as they are, 6 remaining people that are or were fully training Auror's

As its in 2,028(20 years from 2,008) I made several of them take longer then normal to complete their training and they are Lily Potter and Hugo Weasley who literally finished training the day before, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfroy and Albus Severus Potter who have been fully trained for 2 years, James Sirius Potter who has been fully trained for 4 years and Victoria Weasley has been fully trained for 5 years

Given how bad the situation is, trust me it will definitely get worse and it is very likely that it will get a lot worse, they even release Umbridge and the last 4 Living Death Eaters who are Rookwood, Malcnir, Ruldolfous and Avery from Azkaban

The terms and conditions being they help stop Xanna rewritting the past and they get full unconditional pardons, but they must wear devices that will kill any of them that tries to help herself or further her career(Umbridge) or even try to help Voldemort(the last 4 Living Death Eaters)

Saying that though its not all bad and that's because at least any that don't break the terms and conditions won't die, by which I mean that if more then 1 of them try to break the terms and conditions at the same time then 1 of them will die 

In the past they find Delphini Riddle waiting for them, she reveals that the combination of who her parents are, all her own time travel shenanigans during The Cursed Child and jumping 32 years, 9 months, 3 weeks and 3 days into the past(going back from 1 month after The 20th anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts or from The 8/6/2,028 to The 14/8/1,996), have allowed her to throw off Xanna's control

What is more even though she is fully aware that what she plans to do will result in her having never being born she no longer cares, her 8 years in Azkaban have completely changed her and she doesn't mind herself never being born what in will prevent thousands of Deaths during Voldemorts 2nd rise to power, the millions of Deaths Xanna has already caused and the 100's of millions of Deaths Xanna will still cause if he isn't stopped

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