What do you think of my GM friends groups career and name choices?



I have a question relating to a old post, this time about the groups career and name choices. What do you think of my GM friends groups career and name choices?

The GM decided that in order for the group to be both balanced enough and flexible enough yet powerful enough to have a reasonable chance of surviving his players could choose their characters initial careers, within reason of course

After choosing their Characters initial Careers his players decided that it would be amusing to name them after a character that they neither like nor dislike from A Book we love, but only if we think the name and career make sense

That’s why theirs Delphini(Harry Potter and The Cursed Child) whose A Apprentice Wizard, Fagan(Oliver Twist) whose A Thief, Gaunt(Gaunts Ghosts) whose A Mercenary) and Pillsbury(he’s A Forensic Doctor who appears in several Whodunnit Books by Stan Smith) whose A Barber Surgeon


  • thaen
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    I don't actually know the book, but I like the name Pillsbury!

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