[online][LFP][gmt+8, singapore] looking for players for a Questmarch!


What is a questmarch? think westmarch's campaign but logistally its ran like an adventurer league game.

where each session is a singular quest and ur party is determined by who signed up that week!

im looking to add some new players to my player pool. heres some information

  1. VC sessions are ran thursdays, 7.30pm. Weekly or otherwise stated by the GM in the server


  2. Im using Guildmasters guide to Ravnica setting, along with Eberron: rising from the last war to fill in the economy details and content in this world


  3. we use Discord VC and avrae bot for dice rolls, C-sheets are either dndbeyond or avrae g-sheet. everything is documented on the server


  4. Downtime, character interactions, character personal arc content, world exploration and plot investigation are done through play-by-post. So players who are familiar and or good with this format along with Voice chat sessions would be perfect for this campaign.


  5. hoping to have people who will interact in general chat too

do check out the campaign information here https://questmarch.obsidianportal.com/

the current story summary also can be found on the site. If you are interested, please fill in this google form and i will contact those who might be a good fit!


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