2 questions about A Ship and its Ship Loan in my Traveller RPG as A Player


The group mentioned in a older post has accepted me, some of them more readily the others, we've created our characters and they have 2 questions about A Ship and its loan but as their are so many good Ships out their I persuaded them to let me ask on this site

In case their are any things that same strange, seem odd or don't make sense it is because the campaign we will be playing uses A Rules System The GM made that is A Hybrid of both editions of The Mongoose Version of Traveller

The 6 Pcs consisyt of 2 Marines that are also good as Gunnery, 1 Pilot whose also good at Navigating, 1 Engineer whose also a good mechanic, 1 Noble whose a good leader and 1 exceptional Medic whose very good with Computers and fairly good in both The Aslan and Vagr Languages and I'm the only with The Noble

On the subject of The exceptional Medic  whose very good with Computers and decent in both The Aslan and Vagr Languages she has Medic /3 with A +2 Edu DM, Computers /1 with A +2 Edu DM and has Languages -Aslan and Vagr both /0 and both with A +2 Edu DM

The 1st question is what is the most powerful ship A Group with these resources has a reasonable chance of being able to pay off the loan on and what is the best, by which I mean it doesn't have to be powerful, would you suggest Group with these resources has a reasonable chance of being able to pay off the loan on

The Noble has A Portfolio worth Cr 55,000,000 that nets him Cr 350,000 a month, but until the loans paid off most of his earnings from his portfolio will go towards paying the loan off

To be honest The Nobles plan is that once The Loans paid off he will engineer a situation were The other 5 Pcs save his save and the official records will show that he is so grateful that he rewards them by making sure they get a far higher share of the profits they make from the ship then they otherwise would

In truth The Noble Pc is far too nice, far too kind and far too generous for his own good and is willingly giving the other 5 Pcs a equal share of the profits they make from the ship but in order to not lost face with his fellow nobles he has too make it look like he's only doing it because the other 5 Pcs saved his life

Pensions totaling Cr 12,000x6 or Cr 72,000 a year

We could have A 50% +1D6%, that ended up as 4%, +10% or 64% in A Laboratory Ship, but even though we would start the campaign owning 64% we would only take that as a extreme last resort

Or we could have or A 50% halved +1D6%, that again ended up as 4%, +10% or A 39% ownership in any Ship then A Laboratory Ship, which we would prefer to starting the campaign owning 64% of  A Laboratory Ship

Cr 507,000 in cash

3 TAS Memberships that net The Group 3 High Passage Tickets every 2nd month that we sell for Cr 6,000x3 or Cr 18,000 every 2nd month

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