Help with how the dates work out in A Friends RPG Adventure Idea

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A Friend has A RPG Adventure Idea but he needs to know how the dates  work out in this Friends RPG Adventure Idea, but I'm not that good. Help please

Also The Kaiba Family from Yugioh aren't in it, he's just using The Surname. Here goes

Every 300 years theirs a 2 month period were none-Stop Storms rack A Entire Planet

If Kaiba The 2nd died 1,304 years prior to the birth of Kaiba The 3rd who was born in 1,304 AKTG, who started his reign on The RPG's version of The 28/7/1,317 and 1 of the 2 month periods of none Stop Storms hit in the 1st full year of his reign, starting on The 19/3/1,318 and ending on The 19/3/1,318 in what year of AKTG was the 1st 2 month period of none Stop Storms after James Kaiba The 2nd's death

In case your wondering yes what James Kaiba The 2nd did was so great it restarted The Calender, AKTG stands for After Kaiba The Great, in case your wondering even more then 1,325 years after his death, Kaiba The Kaiba died in mid Spring 0 and its now late summer in 1,325 ATKG, Kaiba The 2nd is still more commonly known, and I'll be honest sometimes worshipped, as James Kaiba The Great

In case your wondering why their hasn't been other James Kaiba's in the 1,325 years between Kaiba The 2nd's/The Great's, death and the stories its because of a legend

The legend is that if any Kaiba is born that's called James that isn't born with all 5 very dark brown hair, very dark blue eyes, fingernails that are slightly longer then normal, a very loud cry and toenails that are slightly longer then normal then he will cause the complete extinction of the entire human race, hogwash naturally, but in the story The Kaiba's are too religious too chance it

My friend let slip that in those 13 and a quarter centuries and 1 Season(Mid Spring to Mid Summer), even the names of people like Kaiba The 2nd/Greats, Mother, Father and all 4 Grand-parents have been forgotten but his sisters name is remembered

But the only reason his sisters name is remembered, and yes my friend called her Serenity, after Serenity Wheeler, and despite her father being A Kaiba is going to have her be given her mothers surname of Moto, as in Yugi Moto, is because she disappeared. Trust me even he admits, sadly only when he's slightly drunk but at least its never more then slighly, that he desperately needs some original ideas

She disappeared in 54 KTGR(more commonley known as the 54th year of Kaiba The Great's Reign, which was the 68th year of Kaiba The Greats Life, and even less then 5 weeks short of 1,372 years later(47 years between 54 KTGR  and Kaiba The Greats Death and another 1,325 years between that and the current  year of 1,325 AKTG), no one knows for definite what happened to her

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    Some might not like this approach, but if I was the GM, I would just say "the time of the non-stop storms has come again" and be vague about the exact date.  For me, the enjoyment is not enhanced by finding the exact correct date, and it would actually detract if I had to halt things to figure it out.

    If a Player ever mentioned it, and actually had done the math to figure it out, then we'd just retcon whatever that Player had determined, and go with that.

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