Anyone want to help me finish A 1st edition Enemy Within Campaign that was abandoned on The 4/1/98


I have a request, but to fulfl it I'd need 5 fellow players and either A GM or someone willing to be A GM and its about A 1st edition Enemy Within Campaign that was abandoned on The 4/1/1,998

What I want is for a group that is willing to help me finish it, it was the 2nd time I'd done The 1st edition Enemy Within Campaign but for everyone else, including The GM, it was their 1st go

Here's what I remember, sorry its not complete, but the documents are that old and fragile that I'm being as careful as possible

I remember we abandoned it sometime during Something Rotten in Kislev

I do remember that during Death on The Reik The 6 Characters had spend just under 4 in-game years getting the money needed for all 6 Pcs to pay to have 1 Mace With The Power of Warping, 1 Magic Headband that gives 2 AP on all locations and 2 Arrows of True Flight made

I remember that we had a lot of Npc Followers and Allies that we paid with Gold that we, well technically it was always Wanda/my character and her Wizards Apprentice Liza, see later, stole using Magic

On my Character

My character was Wanda and she was definitely at least A Level 3 Elementalist/Level 2 Wizard, she may have been higher but on the other hand she may not have been higher, I can't remember, after all it was just over 24 years ago

I do remember that even if she was only(?) A Level 3 Elementalist/Level 2 Wizard she still had 40 MP and they were acquired as follows. The 6 Magic Points listed on her sheet in 1 of the books, as A 1st level Wizard she gained 14 Magic Points, as A 2nd Level Elementalist she gained 9 Magic Points and as A 3rd Level Elementalist she gained 11 MP. Oh well it was a lot better the it could have been, but it was also also a lot worse then it could have been

I remember that she had A INT of 36+30 or 66, this means she can know up to 21 none Petty Spells and even though I'm not sure how many Spells she knew I know that she knew at least 8 Petty Spells, at least 4 1st level and 2 2nd level Battle Spells and at least 3 1st level, 3 2nd level and 1 3rd level Element Spells

When it comes to spells I remember she definitely knew The following Spells. The Petty Spells Gift of Tongues, Glowing Light, Magic Alarm, Open and Sleep, The 1st level Battle Spells Fireball, Cure Light Injuries and Wind Blast, The 2nd Level Battle Spell Lightning Bolt, The 1st level Element Spells Assault of Stones and Hand of Fire and The 2nd level Element Spell Part Water

I also remember that even though she definitely didn't know the The following Spells she definitely had them in her Books and on her Scrolls. The Petty Spells Curse, Magic Lock, Produce Small Creature, Protection From Rain and Zone of Silence, The 1st level Battle Spells Cause Animosity, Immunity to Poison and Strength of Combat, The 2nd Level Battle Spell Mystic Mist, The 1st level Element Spells Breathe Underwater and Cloud of Smoke, The 2nd level Element Spells Cause Fire and Wither Vegetation and The 3rd level Element Spells Breathe Fire and Quicksand

Other info

I remember that Harbul either is or was A Physician, that Malmir was A Racketeer and that Werner 1st 3 careers were Laborer then Bodyguard then Bounty Hunter

I remember that during Death on The Reik a badly aimed arrow accidentally hit and killed Elyvra and in a attempt to partially make up for it Wanda adopted Elyvra's Niece Liza and took her as Her own Wizards Apprentice

I remember that before Mistaken Identity The GM was dumb enough to let us do 2 Adventures from White Dwarf and The Oldenhaller Contract, I had just enough experance to make Wanda A Level 1 Wizard and to give her The Fireball Spell and I'd hoped to do that from the start

That's because I was the only 1 that had previously done The Enemy Within and that's why during Shadows over Boghafen once it became clear that we weren't going to stop the ritual in time I had Wanda start casting Fireball Spells and tossing The Fireballs at the walls

I was hoping that the warehouse would catch fire, stop the ritual and save Boghafen, it worked and even though we stopped the ritual with only 4 seconds before it was completed we still stopped it

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