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I signed up to Obsidian portal a long time ago and have been coming back every now and then to check and see if there is a language option.  I live in Spain and though I speak English al ot of the people I play with do not.   Would love to use OP but have not seen the ability to switch to Spanish or any other available language.   The role playing and table top gaming community in Spain is growing fast and we would love to be able to use this tool but so far we are not able to.   


  • thaen
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    Hola! : )

    Have you tried using Google Translate?

    For example, here's a Campaign in English:


    And here's the same Campaign converted to Spanish:


    (The "." are changed to "-" and then ".translate.goog/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=es" is tacked on to the end.  The "=es" indicates espanol/spanish.)

    And, as you click on links and such in the Campaign, it keeps applying the same translation to the new pages.

    If that's not a good solution for your situation, let me know what's missing.

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  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi thaen,

    I was curious about how well Google Translate handled things, and when I clicked through on your link, the very first thing that I saw was that the navigation links (custom in this campaign) were not translated.

    I then tried on a private campaign that I am in, and it would not link to the translated page - instead trying to make me log in to OP (although I was already successfully logged in for my campaign).

    I think that Malaiit is looking for Localization - where the interface has the ability to change the default language.  This would likely change the built in menu options and tool tips, and would default to accepting and displaying localized character sets.

    Assuming that the system was Internationalized, making for easy substitution, it might be possible to have community members crowdsource new localities.  It may be that some of the work could be done by CSS templates - much like the custom menu options.

  • thaen
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    Ack!  You're right, that method won't work for logged in pages.  And, yeah, for some reason it's skipping the Navigation.

    Implementing explicit Localization is a bit of a bear, since you have to go find every possible word that could be translated, and then pull it out into a localization file.  And lots of messages/words are easy to miss this way.

    But it looks like there might be a way to add a Google Translate dropdown that automatically translates everything on the page, and then retains that preferred language, even on logged in pages.  I'll look into it.

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