How to cope with lucky event rolls making a character that's both very wealthy and very powerful

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I've decided to be A Player in The 4th edition Enemy Within and I've been lucky enough to end up with A Noble, but I have a very big problem that will effect The GM and the other 5 Players. Ideas?

The problem is that The Entire using Tables The GM made for determining Family stuff and other stuff

That’s where it got tricky, but in a way that's both good and bad and because of those rolls my character ended up with the following

His mother was the only child and heir of A Powerful Female Viscount

His father was A Crime Lord that, at the time, had inherited his father(my characters grandfathers) vast criminal Empire only a few weeks prior

Somehow A, at the time it happened, Future very powerful Viscountess ended up truly falling in love with A Powerful Crime Lord

Guess what happened as a result. My character

5 days after my character was born A Priestess, in case you wondering another roll showed it actually was A Priestess not A Priest, of Morr had a prophecy

What The Priestess of Morr saw was quickly hushed up but basically my characters got a great destiny

Which is to save The World from The Events of The Enemy Within

As long as he has enough XP he can freely enter the following careers without having to justifying it/them. Rank 3 Merchant, Rank 3 Thief, Rank 3 Soldier, Rank 2 Smuggler, Rank 2 Knight, Rank 2 Racketeer and Rank 2 Road Warden and Rank 1 Envoy

Where ever he goes helps never more then 6 minutes away, its very rarely more then 4 minutes away and no matter what the help that's available is never less then 2 normal sized platoons and 1 normal sized squad, after all despite appearances the guy he is A Very Powerful Viscount and he has also inherited his fathers vast criminal empire

The minimum of never less then 2 normal sized platoons and 1 normal sized  squad of help will always consist of at least 31 Rank 1, 4 Rank 2 and 1 Rank 3 Soldiers, 7 Rank 1 and 1 Rank 2 Guards, 3 Rank 2 Wizards each of Fire, Life and Beasts, 3 Rank 2 Priests each of Shallya, Sigmar and Morr, 3 Rank 2 Physicians, 3 Rank 1 Knights and 1 Rank 2 Spy

That explains why my character is now A Powerful Viscount but he is disguised as A Bored Travelling Noble who, apparentely but not actually, has no lands, no titles and is seeking fun and excitement

All in all because of The Prophecy his initial status is Gold 1D3+2, which ended up as Gold 4 and unless he openly turns to the worship of Chaos then nothing will cause his Status to drop below Gold 1

Everytime he does something such as save Boghafen in Shadows over Boghafen his status goes up by +Gold 1

When created and when changing Careers simply by being seen with The Empire's prophesied savior any and all other Pcs get a massive Status Boost, this amount to their Status staying stays the same Type but the number goes up to either 7 or to double it +1D3, whichevers higher

For example so Brass 1 or 2 becomes Brass 7, Brass 3 becomes either 7 or 3x2 +1D3 whichevers higher and Brass 4 or higher gets doubled +1D3

Simply by being seen with The Empire's prophesied savior when he does something like save Boghafen The Other Pcs will get even bigger Status Boosts

For example Pcs with Brass Status will get +2D3+2 Brass and if it exceeds Brass 30 it goes up to Silver 1D3 and if that happens then no matter that other Pc/other Pcs, Status can never go below Silver 1

As another example Pcs with Silver Status will get +1D3 Brass and if it exceeds Silver 25 it goes up to Gold 1 and if that happens then no matter what that other Pc/other Pcs, Status can never go below Silver 19

As he’s inherited both his mothers title of Powerful Viscount and his Fathers Vast Criminal Empire my character is rich beyond the wildest dreams of some minor none electoric counts type counts

We’re taking about getting triple his status in Gold +2D3 Gold more per adventure and being able to store the gold of him and The Others rather then losing it


We are also talking about being able to get hold of 80 Gold Coins within 5 Hours and if needed being able to get hold of up to another 600 Gold Coins within 1 month

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    I've just learnt that I've got a even bigger problem and as everyone is my group has previously played The Enemy Within 5 times in 1st edition, but I'm the only 1 that ever GM'd it, and all 8 of us, 8 being me, 5 other players, The GM and The GM's nephew that's learning how to be A GM, all know what the problem is. Any ideas?

    The main problem is that my character is the only human male Pc in the group, so normally he'd automatically be the 1 that impersonate's Kastor

    But my characters A Very Senior Viscount, The Title Kastor appears to be inheriting is only(?) fairly senior Baron, which means that my character won't be interested

    What;s more a organization with the resources, intelligence and information on nobles, allies, agents and spies that The Purple Hand has will have learnt years, likely many years, ago that my characters Kastors physical double, which eliminates 1 of the biggest threats to The Pcs that The Enemy Within has to offer
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