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As I mentioned a few days ago I'm going to be A GM for the 1st time in over 4 years and it'll be the 1st time I've GM'd A 1st edition WFRP Campaign in almost 15 years. Can you answer a question?

As my my players have little experience of Fantasy RPG's, no experience of any edition of WFRP and I to do The Enemy Within but I'll to run either The Restless Dead or The Lichmaster 1st

The idea is that this will get the characters enough XP to be able to survive the mistakes that would likely be fatal that the players would likely make due to having very little experience of Fantasy RPG's and no experience of any edition of WFRP but the problem is that by the time I do Shadows over Boghafen The Pcs will potentially have a large number of very powerful friends, which will definitely be problematic

For example if they do Lichemaster then in Shadows over Boghafen when they get framed for murdering Marius they'll have several powerful allies in the form of several powerful Clerics of Taal, A Entire Community of Dwarfs, 2 wealthy farmers, 1 respected Ex Physician and 2 respected Ex Soldiers that can vouch for them and use their combined influence to get the authorities to drop the charges dropped then help them

Similar to that if they do The Full Restless Dead Campaign their allies could potentially be 1 group of 4 respected Road Wardens, 1 wealthy Innkeeper, 1 famous inventor, 1 Bounty Hunter whose both well known and widely known, 1 Gravin, 1 lawyer whose both well known and widely known, 1 Nobles son whose leading A Village Militia and 1 Wealthy Merchant


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    Again, not familiar with these specific modules, but if the adversary is intentionally trying to frame the PCs, then the adversary might have planned for these known resources of the PCs.

    In today's terms, maybe the adversary is "canceling" the PCs at the same time as framing them, and so also making it look like the PCs should be shunned by all of these allies, lest the allies be tainted by the controversy.

    Or the adversary could just find a way to delay these allies from finding out about the PCs' plight.

    Or maybe some of the allies have conflicts like others that they do business with that would find it very convenient if the frame stuck to the PCs and was resolved quickly.


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