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After 4 years as Part-Time GM I've decided to go back to being A Full Time GM, I've already got a group lined up and its going to be 1st edition WFRP but it seems like I've got a very big problem. What should I do?

The problem is that my players have already created their characters, but when rolling on tables A Friend made for determining their Social Class all 6 players fairly rolled between A 45 and A 60 on the 1st 1D100 followed by A 35 to 55 on the 2nd 1D100

This means that all 6 Pcs are the 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness and that's going to cause me a lot of trouble. Here's a few examples

In Mistaken Identity they know they're nobles, they all know most if not all of their relations and they know or will soon learn that Leibnitz isn't related to any of them

This also means that The Cult of The Purple Hand will either know or they oon will learn that none of The Pcs is Leibnitz

In Aldolf during Mistaken Identity even if the authorities do initially suspect The Pcs murdered A Noble when they learn that all 6 Pcs are the 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness the investigation into their possible involvement will be ended in seconds

As far as I'm aware in all Enemy Within Campaigns when you do Shadows over Boghafen when The Pcs tell the authorities what they know no one believes them but with The 6 Pcs all being the 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness and the people their accusing only(?) being very wealthy merchants the authorities will bent over backwards to show that they believe everything The Pcs tell them

In Death on The Reik when in The Village of Wittgenstein as all 6 Pcs are the 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness they can easily use their families to get enough troops to simply encircle Castle Wittgenstein, have their troops stay out of missile range and starve the bad guys out

After Power Behind The Throne normally Graf Boris either locks The Pcs in the cells or keeps them confined to rooms he gives them but with all 6 Pcs being 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness it will be easy for The Pcs to eventually persuade Graf Boris that the short term benefits to that course of action aren't worth the long term hassles  it would cause

Here's a few things that aren't related to the trouble that all 6 Pcs being the 4th born Child of A Very Minor Baron or Baroness is going to cause me but will still be troublesome

I foolishly decided that like with Characters that either start in or enter The Noble Class all 6 Pcs will starts with 1D4 Underlings, that's 6D4 underlings and they end up with 20 underlings

I decided to use a chart a friend made to randomly determine the 20 underlings they had, 4 of my 10 rolls were A 74 or higher and The 6 Pcs ended up with 8 servants, 7 bodyguards, 2 hunters, 1 initiate of Morr, 1 initiate of Sigmar and 1 Physicians Student

Even using random career generation The 6 Pcs ended up with very similar careers to The 6 Pre-generated Pcs in The Enemy Within Source Book and they are 1 Human female Physicians Student, 1 Elven male Wizards Apprentice, 1 Human male Seamen, 1 Human female Bodyguard, 1 male Halfling General Thief and 1 Female Elven Minstrel

When rolling for stats all players rolled a high number but not the maximum number for M, S, T W and Fate Points, when rolling The 2 1D10's for their percentage stats all 6 Pcs fairly rolled the following. Each Pc rolled 1 20, not 1 of them had even 1 stat roll come up A 9 or lower and only 2 of the stat rolls per Pc came up lower then A 12

When rolling for their skills no matter what age their character started at every Pc started with 1D4+1 Skills and when making the 1D4+1 roll every player fairly rolled at least a 3 and even though none of them rolled A 5 4 of my 6 players fairly rolled A 4

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    I'm not familiar with these particular modules, but in general, I would look for ways to create adversaries that are at the same or higher societal level from the PCs that would counter the PCs' influence.  For example, another slightly higher noble family that is trying to keep the PCs' families from climbing the nobility ladder.

    Another possibility is people in their own families that are trying to undermine them.  There are often schisms in noble families about who should inherit which things.

    So any time in one of these modules where it seems like their nobility will be an easy out, it actually turns into a complication because the adversary is intentionally trying to hold them back and on the look out for these opportunities.

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