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Good evening/afternoon peoples, I am Cirque0011,

I will attempt to keep this brief.  I used to be a super geeked out gamer, simply loved role playing games since early 90's.  Spent most of gaming time playing AD&D 2e in te DRAGONLANCE and Ravenloft campaign settings.  Also spent quite a bit of time playing Robotech - Macross, Southern Criss and Sentinels.  Other games Insoent a good amount of time playing were the Palladium and Rifts RPGs as well as some playing in the Dark Sun campaign setting.

Gave it all up when I got married, lost my identity and forgot who I was....depression followed by divorce (seriously - good times), the divorce was followed by self-rediscovery and I found myself back in the world of RPGs (tabletop in particular).

However, many many many many things have changed in tabletop gaming since my days and I find myself overwhelmed in just trying to get orientented and adjusted to 5e rules.

I also live and work in a remote region and there are NO options for local gaming.  Tried video game RPGs and enjoyed them but I definitely miss the creativity of tabletop games.


Ideally, I am looking to join a second edition game as I do not wish to cause a disturbance in game flow with my lack of understanding of the newest rules.  I am also buried in reading lore from Dragonlance and Ravenloft just to try to get orientented - it's daunting.  I tried a couple of Facebook groups but the people were nasty and not the way I would choose to spend my time.


Regardless, if you red through all of this and re still here - thanks for taking the time to read.  I would definitely like to join any D&D game in particular second edition UNTIL I get the 5e game rules figured out or if you havea Group that wouldn't mind the inconvenience of allowing a player such as myself to join, that'd be great!


  • thaen
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    Welcome back to the tabletop, Cirque0011!

    On the Campaigns page, there is a "Filter Campaigns by:" dropdown that has a selection of "Looking for Players".  Then you can also filter by the system you want by clicking the "All Systems" button and expanding the systems, and then clicking AD&D 2nd Edition.  I mention all of that just in case someone else is looking for a similar solution.  For your particular situation, here's a link that will do all of that for you ...

    From there, browse through the Campaigns (listed "most recently updated" first), and use the OP messaging to contact the GM of the Campaign.  Also check that they play "Remote!" (as opposed to in person).  That's located on the Front Page under the Fans part.  Here's a screen shot from this one of the "Remote!", which is AD&D 2nd Edition, and Dark Sun:



    Let us know if that doesn't get you what you need, or if you have any questions.

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  • Cirque0011
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    This is great, thank you kindly!  I'll take a look through these links

  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi Cirque,

    I also occasionally run newbies 5E games on the Roll20 online platform.  I would be glad to let you know when I am setting up the next session.  I have found that my intro session generally takes about 2 sessions of 4 hours or so each.

    If you are interested, please let me know what your availability is (what days/times in general) and I can try to fit that session into your general availability.

  • Darithe
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    If you are looking for a play by post game I know of an Ad&d 2nd edition game that is looking to add a player.  I also know of Pathfinder 1st edition game that is looking for players and is willing to accept newbies.  If interested let me know.

  • twiggyleaf
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    Welcome Cirque0011

    Welcome back to the RPG world and welcome to Role Playing.  I see you have already had a couple of offers on this thread, so I wish you luck in finding the right game for yourself.  I am in a Tabletop Group in Scotland, so that won't really help you, but I think you will find that Obsidian Portal has a great and helpful community, so stick with us until you get that IDEAL game!



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