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Hey all! I'm building a world of a standard office building! Looking for stuff you'd find an office building as well as what a few "classes" might carry on them personally.


Building Maintenance

Worker Drone


Middle management




  • GamingMegaverse
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    staplers are fun!


    Just trying to help out.

  • thaen
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    Secretary - at their desk, in "lost and found", they might have just about anything.  And probably also any item that any other "class" might have (because they have been asked to go get it or bring it somewhere or keep it for a short bit).  Also multiple cups of hot coffee.  Sharp pens/pencils.  Reams of paper for the printer.  Or piles of printed handouts for meetings.  Stapler, hole punch, paper cutter, laminator, rubber bands, clips, binders, file cabinets.  Letter openers.  Bags or boxes of pastries or other foods for meetings.  General snacks and drinks, carbonated or otherwise.  Headset for answering calls.  Nail grooming tools.  Various make ups (male or female).  Candies or mints.  Whiteout.  Laser pointers.

    Building Maintenance - Mops and rolling buckets.  Any given hand tool or battery powered power tool.  Zip ties.  Cleaning sprays/soaps that sting the eyes or make the floor slippery.  Cleaners that "shouldn't be mixed" or they create lung irritants.  Masks for avoiding breathing in said irritants.  Bags of trash (and anything that might have been in a trash bin that day or recently).  Rolls of toilet paper.  Plungers.  Paint and brushes or sprayers.  Keys to everything.  Knowledge of all the hidden passages and closets and such.  Car lock picks.  Extension cords.  Fans.  Long halogen bulbs.  Goggles for eye protection.  Carts, possibly powered.


    I don't think I have as many ideas for the other classes, so I'll pause there.



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  • Conan_Lybarian
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    These are AWESOME ideas! I'm thinking of doing a "Supplemental Handbook" that has all the extras like this and "class abilities". This little "1 page" is growing exponentially the more I fiddle with it.

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