What should my cousin do?

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Within the next 3 weeks my cousin is hoping to start A 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign that used The Pelinore Setting, but he has a massive problem. What should my cousin do?

Her problem is that se created very detailed Tables for determining A Pcs Families History, 1 of The Event rolls has The Character be descended from a line of Pirates that goes back more then 12 millennium and their cash and valuables alone was worth roughly 200 million Gold

They also had over a thousand assorted other things, several hundred magical goodies, A Library of more then 8,000 Spell Scrolls and more then 1,400 Spell Books that between them hold almost every Spell of both Illusionist and Magic User type in the game, 3 intelligent Weapons and 4 Minor Artefacts

Saying that though the characters great-grand father spend roughly 61.4% of the family fortune to buy 16 Baronies that each cost 10 million Gold and with that he also bought lands and properties

He also spend another 30 million Gold on complete pardons for all members of his family that are still alive, another just over 2 Million Gold worth of lands and properties, he also has almost 200 Ships that were Pirate Ships and are now heavily armed Merchant Ships and The Title of most Minor Count in world history

They also showed that his players character had been given enough training to roll 1D3+15 for 3 stats and 1D4+9 for the other 3 stats, to know either 1D2+4 Languages or double the number of languages they'd normally and he ended up with A Magic User with Str 11, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 18, Wis 10, Ch 17 and 3Hp that knows 10 languages

The reason that The GM added this to the events table is because it needed A 97 or higher on 1D100 followed by A 10 or higher on 1D12 followed by A 4 or higher on 1D6 followed by A 3 or 4 on 1D4 and he figured that no-one would ever fairly pass all those roll

She made that table shortly before she turned 13, it was in 1,986 and I think The Month was June and no player of her has even come close to fairly rolling A 97 or higher on 1D100 followed by A 10 or higher on 1D12 followed by A 4 or higher on 1D6 followed by A 3 or 4 on 1D4 but now someone has. What should my cousin do?

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    I would just play the game as it lays.  That PC is going to have a lot of attention from NPCs that want to get at the PC's wealth.  So, if the PC flashes their wealth around, it's going to draw attention.

    Is there a specific concern that your cousin has regarding this PC?

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    My cousins Player has  just E-Mailed me to tell me how the costs and similar things work out. Here they are. What do you think?

    The 16 Titles and at the time of buying them they were all of fairly Senior Baron who ruled over A large Barony

    16x10,000,000 or 160,000 Gold Coins

    His Lands and Properties

    7,317,100 Gold Coins

    The Ships

    818,200 Gold Coins


    2,400,000 Gold Coins


    3,440,000 Gold Coins

    Other costs

    Complete and unconditional pardons for all living, at the time, members of my characters great-grandfathers family

    30,000,000 Gold Coins

    Buying The Title of The Most Minor Count in Human History

    37,844,600 Gold Coins


    241,959,900 Gold Coins

    That my characters great-grand father had left after buying all that

    1,260,600 Gold Coins in cash and 808,264 Gold Coins worth of Valuables

    That my character starts with

    1,755,641 Gold Coins in cash and 1,038,086 Gold Coins worth of Valuables

    Total money my lands, properties and titles earn me before I pay my Mercenaries

    1,641,730 Gold Coins per year before pay my 290 Mercenaries and 150 Animals that accompany The Druids and 21,730 Gold Coins per year after I pay my 290 Mercenaries and 150 Animals that accompany The Druids

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    That's a lot of gold.  I've heard that wealthy people can never tell who their real friends are.  Maybe this PC will have a similar issue.

    Another angle ... the "unconditional pardons" are only a legal construct.  The people that were actually harmed by the illegal acts may still want justice, and may still seek out revenge.

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