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It’s time to update our image, and we want your help! THE COTM TEAM are looking for a new logo/image to be used as a generic image for the Community Forums sidebar, the monthly blog and Facebook page!

But it’s not just about the legacy- you have a chance to win some awesome prizes:

  • Free one-year Ascendant Membership on Obsidian Portal 

  • Digital Copies of either the Beginner Box or Core Rulebook for both Pathfinder Second Edition and Starfinder from Paizo

  • Four sets of dice from Awesome Dice

*Please note that winner will need to have a current Paizo account to receive the Pathfinder/Starfinder prize, and will need to furnish a physical address to receive the dice from Awesome Dice.

So, how do you get in on this sweet opportunity? Here's the full rules: 

  • Entries to be submitted by September 30, 2021

  • Open to EVERYONE, no OP membership required

  • Logo to be sized at 300px x 250px and be presented in .png or.jpg format

  • Logo can include any ORIGINAL artwork, rights to display said image, as well as adaptation of "Campaign of the Year" image to be awarded in perpetuity to Obsidian Portal. Optional use of the OP Dragon Logo is permitted but not required.

  • Required Text: "Campaign of the Month"

  • Send your entries with attachments to [email protected]

  • Winner will be chosen by current CotM Team.







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    Hey, just a friendly reminder to any budding artists out there that this competition is now open and that the closing date is End of September!  

    Good luck!




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