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First, if there is a simple way to do this, I apologize but I am completely missing it.  Is there a way to disable the editing of a page by players?  It seems that every wiki and character page can be edited by anyone.  I have looked and searched the forums, but can not find a way to do it.

Thanks for any info.



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    You're not missing it.  The OP ethos is that the Players will be collaborating with the GM to build the Campaign, like contributing pages that will fill out the backstory of their Characters, or writing the Adventure Logs themselves from their Characters' perspectives.

    But there are a couple options if you don't want to to do that.

    The first option is just to not add them as Players on the Campaign.  Then they'll only be able to see the public pieces.  If you want to keep the Campaign "private" from the general internet, then you can set the Campaign privacy to "Friends", and then friend the Players.  The drawback of this is that they won't be able to post to the Campaign Forums, if you were planning to use those, and they won't be able to update their own Characters, and they won't be able to see Player Secrets.

    The second option is to use CSS to hide the Edit links.  This doesn't actually lock them out, so a tech-savvy Player would still be able to Edit the pages, but they would need to know to look for the links.  This CSS will hide the links for the Players, but leave them visible to you:

    /* Hide Edit Icon on pages, and hide Edit link on Map Markers */
    body.campaign-member:not(.campaign-game-master) .icon-edit,
    body.campaign-member:not(.campaign-game-master) .edit-link {
    display: none;


    Is there something in particular that you're concerned the Players are going to do that you don't want them to do?

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    The question actually came up from a player.  I am not overly worried about it, and agree it would be great if they added notes and their experiences to the entries.  That would definitely help improve the site and make it more personal for them.  I had noticed that players could edit the pages earlier (with a test account I was using), but when this player asked about it I thought I might be missing something.

    Thanks again for the quick response.

    Edit: this is Mithdraug, just from the mentioned testing account.
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  • thaen
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    Happy to!

    I forgot to mention, since you're an Ascendant member, the Players can also use the "Player Secrets" to keep their own notes on the various Wiki Pages and Characters, and those notes will show up in their "Secrets" tab.  So, for example, if they have a suspicion that one of the NPCs is a werewolf, but they don't want to tip off the GM about their suspicion, they can add a Player Secret to that NPC Character, and not check "GM", and only check their Player, and then that note would be there for them to see, but no one else, and it would be listed in the Secrets tab for them (and no one else) to remind them that the note exists.

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