Map marker links with map pop ups


Currently, when linking a character, there is an option to show the image of the character when hovering with the mouse, and a click leads to the character.

I was wondering if it's possible to do the same with map markers - allow linking to map markers which will open the map (zoomed in to the marker) when linked, and on hover will show a zoomed in portion of the map to see where the marker is.

Far from being urgent, but it would be a nice addition.


  • thaen
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    I know we've got a Feature Request in the list for being able to link to a specific map marker from a wiki page or a character, etc.  And I've seen that request a few times now, so that might be increasing in priority.

    The other part of having a hover popup that shows a zoomed portion is a new idea.  I'll add it to the Feature Request list.

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