Whoa! What happened? Everything is different!!

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  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Unless you're brand new, you've probably noticed that the site is significantly changed. Ryan has been working for a couple months now to bring the design up to his very rigorous standards. I know that a lot of people are resistant to change, but in my humble (and totally biased) opinion, the new design looks great.

    Still, we welcome any feedback, positive or negative, so let it all out.
  • DarthKrzysztof
    Posts: 132
    I'm quite sure I like it.
  • johngamermage
    Posts: 2
    I like it.
  • kaeosdad
    Posts: 12
    Looks much better! A big improvement over the old one and the old design worked fine.
  • rosignol
    Posts: 5
    Nice. Very clean.
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    I don't like change.
  • Urm
    Posts: 9
    My first reaction was negative towards the serif font. Generally, serifs take more work to read through than sanserif especially when the typeface is small, such as less than 12pt. I generally avoid serif like the plague in web design unless the words are big enough to show them off.

    However, I'm not 100% certain it's a problem worth mentioning here, because it seems there's enough space to read through the serifs without much effort. I don't know... I go back and forth about it. Ultimately I think it's safer to just make everything Arial or some other sans and call it good. The font in this message board is a sanserif, and I think that at the end of the day, it's just easier to read.

    Otherwise, I dig the new look. Will you guys eventually allow for user customization through CSS? Or would that be opening a pandora's box.

    Either way I don't mind, just throwing my loose change out there on the topic. I appreciate the work and time that you guys put into this project.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    I guess this explains the trouble I was having last night!

    Um...some things in my profile are kinda big. That's about the only thing really creeping me out, though, so I'm sure I'll adjust given time.
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    I think the changes in regards to the nav bar, the organization of the site, the banners etc, are definitely a step towards the professional, and all look great.

    But I agree: Serif font and I don't get along. My only request would be to allow users to change their campaign between serif and sanserif.

    Looks great, awesome changes, keep up the good work, and consider the serif/sanserif thing :)
  • Biyu
    Posts: 2
    Not a fan of the font, but good work.
  • super_rats
    Posts: 24
    I think it looks great. Some things are pushing out of their containers like the drop down list for the Wiki Page Link lookup in the write screen (firefox 3.0.5, 1280x800), but I love the font and spacing in the wiki and logs. Color scheme is good too.
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    Thanks for the comments.

    FemmeLegion, I'll see what I can do to tweak it.

    super_rats: Thanks for the info, I'll get it fixed.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Yep, keep the feedback coming. We're really excited about the next year, and we want input.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    I did want to say I like the table that breaks out which campaigns you're a GM in versus which ones you're a player in. I think it's a better use of space than the original lists. :)
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    The new inbox/message system looks great!
  • Lialos
    Posts: 34
    Overall I like the look, but agree the font isn't the greatest.

    My other big complaint is that now all of my tables that used to just be a couple columns wide and look good, suddenly got stretched across the page, and look stupid.
  • Gully
    Posts: 52
    I'm with Lialos on the tables thing is there a way that we can resze them so that we get them a bit smaller again?
  • TheShaggyDM
    Posts: 5
    Overall I like the change, but I agree wholeheartedly with Belexes and others about the serif font. Most fonts designed for on-screen readability are sans-serif because the dpi on a screen is simply not high enough to make distinct serif characters without them being cramped or bumping up against one another.

    This one is not terrible, but I still find it rather distasteful and hard on the eyes. Please change the default font back to a sans-serif font or allow us to choose from a list or otherwise specify on the page or per wiki site.

    I am just now getting to look at the rest of the site since my campaign has been on hold for a while, but it looks great aside from that!
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    I do notice one other change that is a bit irksome: The announcements for friends' campaign activity and updates to favorite campaigns no longer tells you _which_ campaign was updated.

    I expect this to be very low on the fix list unless it's something really easy you can knock out for that little boost of feeling accomplished, but I figured I should point it out since you're asking for feedback. =)
  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    Nitpicky visual idea: if you moved the 'Tabletop RPG meets Web 2.0' over to the left by the compass, it looks like there'd be enough room to put the login box down ontop the map (to the right of Marisona).

    This unobstructs the very cool dragon head. Plus makes it look like the dragon might eat the user. :)
    Also, the gun/pistol on the far right isn't very clear with all the business.

    I like the new look, I'd just suggest things be shifted around to declutter the area.
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    Garamond as a font has a few issues that I've had to deal with in the past, beyond simply being a serif font - and I have to say that I'm not a fan of Garamond. Apart from that, very nice job - and just in time for the Penny Arcade traffic spike!

    On a second note, I'd like to have the little control panel setup you see on the far right on a campaign home page available on every page of the campaign's wiki or log. (The little profile box and party member info boxes)
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