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On mobile, we need a navigation string at the top of the screen or a "back" button to go back to the main menu page.

the reason is that the menu is hidden, and we need a way to go back to the main lists.

for example, I went to the characters page, opened a character, edited it, and saved. Now I want to go back to the characters list. I can't press "Back" on the browser because that will take me back to the edit page. So if I want to get back to the list I need to open the menu and reselect from those tiny icons. Some of them are pretty clear (like the wiki or characters) but some are not as clear.


  • thaen
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    Thanks for the request!

    I'll add that to the Feature Request list. 

    In the mean time, the "section" that you're in, like Characters in this scenario, should be highlighted white in the menu, while all the others are gray.  So to get back to the main menu page for the current section, you should be able to always tap whichever is the currently highlighted one.  Let me know if you're not seeing that.  There could be a bug.

    Obsidian Portal Developer

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