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Currently, there are only two privacy options for characters (and possibly wiki pages? I didn't check):

  1. The players have an option to make a character "private", which makes the character's bio and full description hidden to others, but the character itself is still visible so everyone knows it's there.

  2. The DM has a "DM only character" which makes it completely hidden to ALL players.

I am working with players on their backgrounds and we are trying to create characters which will not show up on the list except for the DM and specific players, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

Will it be possible to have an option to show specific characters to specific players?

A second option is to make DM characters only also visible to the players who own the character (using the "change owner" drop down menu), though it would be better to just have visibility options per player.


  • thaen
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    Thanks for this request!

    This is something we're wanting to do, but it requires an overhaul of the "permissions", which is on the other side of some other backend technical debt, so it probably won't happen soon.  But we've got it on the Feature Request list.


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