View all campaign updates since last visit?


Is there a way to view all updates to a campaign since you last visited? I can see the stream on the front page and in dashboard view, but it's limited to less than 10. How can I see all updates made to a campaign since my last visit?


  • thaen
    Posts: 663

    There's not currently a built in way to do this.  And actually some GMs use the limit as a way to keep something secret that they accidentally posted public.  For example, if they are creating an NPC that's supposed to be GM Only until it's revealed later, but they initially forget to check "GM Only", then the name of the NPC will show up in the Campaign's Recent Updates.  To fix this, the GM can just make 10 small Edits to some other page, which will push the supposed-to-be-secret-NPC off the list.

    I'll message you in a second to see if there is something I can do for this specific situation.

    Obsidian Portal Developer

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