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A friend of mines is using Skype to do A Drinax Campaign with him and 1 player and a few days ago he ran The Drinax Adventure Friends in Dry, but something unexpected happened and he has a problem. What should he do?

He decided that as his Players character had completed the tasks in this quest and had paid the planets ruler Cr 18,500,000 that his players character had a very high chance to add Kteiora to Drinax

The negotiator had Diplomat /4, A Social Scale DM of +2 and A Diplomat Skill Augument and The Player decided to increase the time taken from 1 to 3 weeks to 2 to 4 months, that gives modifiers of +9

Because of all the good things that his players character Pcs had done for Ktieora The GM decided to make The Roll A Difficulty 11+ Roll

This means that The Player making the roll would only fail the roll if he rolled A Double 1 and he rolled A Double 1, which means the player failed, but it was only(?) A Minor Failure. What would you suggest?

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    I'm not personally familiar with this particular game system, so I don't know the intricacies, but as a player it's never fun to have everything hinge on one or two dice rolls.  As a GM, I'd describe the minor failure as something that is holding up the negotiation, and give the PC a story opportunity to fix that holdup before the negotiation can move forward, and then have the PC roll again (or just assume success) after the holdup is cleared.

    Depending on the flavor/style of the game, it could be something comical or something serious.  Maybe the ruler has lost his cat and can't concentrate on the negotiation until the cat is found.  Or maybe the ruler was poisoned during the negotiation, and is suspicious of the PC and won't continue negotiations until the real poisoner is caught.


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    Perhaps the Kteiorae agree to support the Drinax, but only if the party agrees to some period (2-3 x the "extra time", so up to a year?) supporting some powerful factions on Kteiora?

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