Would my idea work?


I've had a idea that could be used in several RPG's. Would my idea work?

If theirs a adventure you want to do but your players have characters that are too powerful for it simply change the enemies so that rather then fight as individuals have them fight as groups

Here's 1 example

You want to do The 1st edition DAD Adventure Sethotep, The Adventure is designed for 4 to 6 characters of 2nd to 4th level and during it the characters face 20 Bandits who are 1st Fighters

But your characters have 5 7th level Fighters, so to make the adventure a challenge have The Bandits fight as 4 groups of 5, ideally The Pcs fight each group 1 at a time and have each group of 5 be the equivalent of A 7th level Fighter

This way the enemies The Characters fight are strong enough to have a chance of winning without being strong enough to slaughter The Pcs

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